Santa: I’ll Have What Mooky’s Havin

Elvis and Iffy Elf help Mooky keep a eye out for Santa’s return. Mooky guitar in hand ready to play (HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS) (HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS) when out of nowhere Santa walks right towards Mooky, thats his cue to start singing to Santa all of a sudden Mooky does the unexpected drops to his knees points his finger at Santa, goes YOU DA MAN. Santa goes that was the weirdest homecoming ever. I’LL HAVE WHAT MOOKY’S HAVIN. Christmas comes and goes before you know it summers here which only means one thing, back to making the Gentleman’s one of a kind Gift from the Wood in the Forrest, boys and girls have so much fun watching birds go in and out of the Birdhouse or eating the food from the Birdfeeders. Santa says will do it all over again but it’s time for some fun, will start with Itchy Elf sharing a story about previous Christmases that didn’t go so good. Santa was done delivering presents at the Johnsons went to where Rudolph was suppose to be this time but he was gone, Rudolph went and hid on the next block.for Santa for always starting his jokes about him. . Iffy Elf shares the next story, Santa always counts the Reindeer before leaving but this year he counted one to many he’d seen Micky the Micky thie Mule slipped in, Santa went to Micky your not a Reindeer your a Mule, laughs bringing him back to Santaland. Ernie Elf recalls this one Christmas Santa just about done delivering Christmas Presents at the Jones his cell phone rings it was Mrs. Claus wondering if Santa would pick up some eggs on the way home Santa said I’m kind of busy right now, gets back to Rudolph tells him go to next gas station, Santa walks in Merry Christmas everyone, goes to the teller do you got some eggs, she smiling from ear to ear. I’ve been a good girl Santa, Santa goes I know Suzie. Wrote six short different adventures about what Santa and the Elves do in the summer, they make the Gentleman’s one of a kind Christmas Gifts from the wood in the Forest, they work hard all week, then on the weekends they usually go to Santa Place for snack and refreshments, then the fun begins Santa and the Elves start telling stories about some Christmases that went good or bad, wrote on PDF in color with cool Fonts, email your address to mine if interested mine is then I’ll email the stories back to you send stories then delete your address. You get 6 action pack adventures what Santa and the Gentleman do in the summer, for Only $20 send to Richard Lofgren Cherrywood 1889 139th Andover Minnesota 55304 Cash Only . ,.
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