Santa, Elves, and the Gentleman (Santa Meet’s The Gentleman).

Iggy Elf sees this dude walking toward him carrying the coolest birdhouse and Birdfeeder and some branches, hi they call me the Gentleman. I’ve come to show Santa and the Elves I can make something out nothing Iggy goes Santa’s sleeping right now stick around he’ll be waking up soon, The Gentleman goes to Iggy see these branches doesn’t matter if it’s Oak, Birch, Pine, Cedar, I make magic happen, the Elves standing around the Gentleman when Santa comes barreling thru the Elves what’s this you can make magic, yea, see all that Wood in the Forest over there, let’s make girls and boys Christmas Presents in the summer I’ll show you how, we can put there names on the front, Santa goes how will I remember all the names? The Gentleman goes because your Santa Claus. Santa says this is enough for today we still time to hear some stories about past Christmases. Elmer Elf shares a story about this one Christmas Santa just about done delivering Christmas Presents at Miss. Williams house Santa looks over his shoulder there Miss. Williams standing under the misletoe, Santa goes I’ve got a Mrs. Claus at home then hi-tails it out of there real fast. Itchy Elf shares the next story about this one Christmas Santa always counts the Reindeer before leaving but he counts one to many Micky the Mule tryed to fit in, Santa laughs and goes Micky your not a Reindeer your a Mule brings Micky back to Santaland. Wrote six different adventures What Santa and the Elves do in the summer, working hard all week, but usually on the weekend they go to Santa’s place for refreshments and tell stories about past Christmases. Wrote six cool short adventures on PDF what Santa and the Elves do do in the summer, in color with cool font’s there $20 for all six put your email address in envelope I’ll send you the six different adventures send to Richard Lofgren Cherrywood 1889 139th Andover Minnesota 55304 Cash Only
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