Looking for a pair of waxless scale based classic cross country skis with NNN bindings, between the length of 160 to 170 cm. I introduced a family friend to cross country skiing over the weekend. The teen girl is hooked and wants to get gear. We found her used boots and poles. Just need a pair of skis! Have checked the secondhand outdoor shops already. Finances are tight for the family and they...
Anyone getting rid of an old phone that will take a SIM card? Not looking for a smart phone, just a flip phone that can be used for calls and texts. My daughter let hers get wet and now it shuts off after a few minutes.
Looking for some black or brown frames made for Documents. Thank you.
Hello! I'm flying into Anchorage around May 16th (give or take a day or two on either end) and would love a ride to Valdez. I can certainly chip in with gas and can also share in the driving. Cheers! Ilene