Large box of half chicken and half beef Top Ramen. The expiration date has passed. None of the packages have been opened. 26 individual packages.
Pipe Insulation, 1", three pieces, one is about 4 feet long and the other two are about a foot and a half long.
Anybody still collect beer cans? 6 cans, from 1970s, most from midwest, bottom opened except for the one on right. Good for collection or decor for bar room.
5 gallon jug. Blue. Has been used exclusively for hauling water for 10 years. Missing the tiny cap that goes onto the air-vent hole (I just duct-taped over it).
Approx 14"x10" No Parking sign. Never used, but slightly scratch up from being in a cabinet for 10 years. Still perfectly usable.
Miscellaneous Paint, take what you want 1 15oz can Rust-Oleum High Performance Enamel 'Safety Yellow' (believe unused) 1 15oz can same as above but 'Flat Black' (about half full) 1 16oz can Rust-Oleum Gloss Protective Enamel 'Gloss Black' (about 1/3 full) 1 32oz can Premium Latex indoor/outdoor red (about 2/3 full) 1 gallon can porch&floor Glodd Polyurethane Enamel 'Sassafras Tea' (about 2/3 fu...
Six paperback books (more if I stumble across any) Dan Brown - Strike Force & Deception Point Tom Clancy - Dead or Alive Clive Cussler - Pirate Dale Brown - Storming Heaven & Silver Tower
This is not the crockpot itself but the duet stoneware which offers the option of cooking two dishes at once. For model SCC658, type SC16 slow cooker.
9 reusable shopping bags. Mostly thin fabric, one sturdy canvas, one strong mesh.
Espresso colored wood, heavy, little nicked up but over all in good shape. I can help you take it apart but you have to move the. Does not come with the mattress set.
I think cookies came in one of them and popcorn in another, They are great for gifting Christmas cookies to neighbors. Pick up near Lake Otis and Huffman. Katie
Wooden Cabinets with shelves and 4 letter size file drawers to use in your garage, study, den, shed, wherever. Wooden Garage Cabinets - take both as a set & they're free... Previously used in school room Dimensions 91" tall, 29" wide & 18" Deep with 2 shelves and 4 letter size file drawers 91" tall, 15" wide & 18" Deep with 7 shelves Pictures on Craigslist but they're now free if you're a freec...