Licensed Life Insurance Agent in Mansfield, OH

Our agency fills a unique space in the insurance market. We have leads and nobody to follow up on them. We are very selective - our leads are high quality and valuable. Must be licensed in Life Insurance. All over the phone, work from home, no travel, free leads, good money! If you are interested, send an email with a brief description of your background and abilities. We will give you a call back to talk in detail. ***No contact info or license, no return call.*** There will be a three step process which could take a few days. ZERO COST for leads! -No paperwork- We process applications from submission to approval -100% Remote- Work from home or anywhere you choose, never go see anyone at home -Non medical products that have an average of a 5 day approval and a 7 day issue. FULL NAME, PHONE #, EMAIL ADDRESS AND LICENSING INFO REQUIRED. NO ATTACHMENTS WILL BE OPENED. PLEASE PUT ALL PERTINENT INFO INSIDE THE EMAIL. THANK YOU.