corn threshing machine for farm use with high production capacity

this newly designed corn threshing machine main structure includes machine body,feeding hole,motor stand frame,the main transporting shaft installed on the shaft frame is connected with the motor through belts,the main shaft is the core part of the corn threshing machine,there are screw rod and rubber nails on the main shaft,which are not on the same horizontal line, the peeling device can transport corn into evenly peeling shaft, in the processing, the peeling teeth tear the skins of the maize, through rotating,friction,pressing,and pushing,the skins will be taken off from the corn cob,the skins and corn cob discharged separately from their discharging hole Characteristics: 1. Rational designed: The entire corn threshing machine is made by stainless steel with trundles for moving conveniently. The exit parts of the machine have the fan to get out of the waste. 2. High efficiency: the corn threshing machine adjusts the size of corn sticks according to automatically, fitting for all kinds of corn. The depth of threshing could be adjusted. Stripping rate of sweet corn can reach to 100%. 3. Simple operation: Discharging ostium with a powerful blower to blow impurity
Updated 10-Jun-2014
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