stolen bulldog

this is my bulldog that was stolen from my home in early 2012. The lady who now has her is trying to sell her for 2200! Her posts are nothing but lies so please beware of people that try to sell pets for a high amount! Tammy has bred her and she was bred when i first rescued her from a meth lab. Both times she did NOT take. In her ad it says never bred. THIS IS A LIE! Her papers will be void. you can call akc and ask if you dont believe me, they have put a hold on all activity for this dog!!!! her registered name is danny boys showgirl. In her posts she says she has decided to part before getting attached. SHE HAS HAD MY BABY FOR ALMOST A YEAR! HOW DO YOU NOT GET ATTACHED TO A DOG IN A YEAR!!!!!! There is obviously something wrong with this situation! PLEASE BE CAREFUL TO MAKE SURE A DOG IS NOT STOLEN BEFORE PURCHASING BECAUSE PEOPLE DONT CARE AS LONG AS THEY CAN PROFIT!!!
Updated 18-May-2013
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