More Filters
Wood cabinet, five adjustable shelves. 48 1/2" H x 45 3/4" W x 12" D
Two bathroom vanities both with 3 door mirror medicine cabinet, light fixtures and towel holders.
Limited cabinets in this apartment. Need a Shrunk/Pantry to place foods for shelves. Cannot get out to stores for foods; LOCKDOWN Order to be observed respectfully. Need shelves type to store the preserved in Mason jar foods to store on at my height; (I am not Wilt the Stilt!) I am 74 year female retired. Thank you
Multiple aquariums - guessing about 10-30 gallons - used for various portions of an aquaponic system. Solid, no cracks, just need to be cleaned. Some misc filters, pumps, hoods, etc. tossed in. One wood cabinet that we think will fit a 10 gal but we didn't use it. Outside and ready to go!
Wood wine boxes of all sizes. Need to make Pantry shelves & cabinets for our Preserved foods. Please. Thank you in advance.
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