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Currently with a housing program through the west side shelter. I have a 4 yr old and right now we could use anything that keeps her busy, Bored games, play make up, costume jewelry she loves putting on fashion shows down the hall for most the residents, coloring books, kids books, play outfits, anything pink or she loves the hulk. Anything please.. But nothing that's bigger than a duffle bag l...
Travel bags or luggage. Preferably some with wheels. Thanks.
gray plaid pendleton throw partially moth eaten. Don't want to throw away if someone could make use of it Fair Offer Policy applies
anything helps im really needed of clothes please anything u don't want ill take them also shoes size 7
hello im asking for help. i didt have $$ to buy him something was hoping things would be ok for his bday. i was hoping to make him happy and smile on his bday. any helps yo give to birthday boy hes 4 he likes cars and army toys . .boys toys would be great or even coloring books or art stuff. anyhing helps please thanks for ur understanding it really means alot to him on his bday. thanking u for...
18.5 x 17 Found these after getting rid of our wine cooler. There are 2 shelves Fair Offer Policy applies
These are the deep cell trays. There are 19 left in the box. Fair Offer Policy applies
33 domes in the box Fair Offer Policy applies
1 gallon bottle. Has been open and sitting in my shed for an undefined amount of time. Fair Offer Policy applies
18 of them. All new. Fair Offer Policy applies
Great shape. No cracks, but lots of stickers on it. Fair Offer Policy applies
Cleaning out my freezer. Meat & other items. Always frozen-may be out dated or a little freezer burnt..want gone today or will go into the trash. Fair Offer Policy applies
Should still work, haven't used it in a while. Will need ink, though. Fair Offer Policy applies
One or two planting beds measuring 4' by 16' 8". Will need to disassemble and move
Plexiglass, single-pane cat door that mounts in a sliding doorway. 45" x 10", and the weather stripping adds about .25" to each dimension. 4-setting door (locked, open, in only, out only). Could easily be cut to be not as tall, as it's plexiglass. Works great, no mechanical flaws or issues. See pic.
2 paper shopping bags with socks, underwear, stuffed animals, random toys and games, little purses, Squishees and who knows what else, lol. Most of the clothing is for girls, but about a third of it is for boys. Age range on the clothing is probably something in the neighborhood of 4-8 years. All in good condition. Please be willing to take everything.
Cushion for outdoor chaise lounge (NOTE: Cushion only, does NOT include the chaise lounge!). 2 ft wide by 6 ft long.
4 healthy house plants w/ pots: a spider plant, and a variety of aloes, one unknown variagated-foliage plant. Just need to clear some space in my home. Pick-up only; I cannot deliver. Thanks!
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