Looking for 3 bikes.. 2 ladies one mans.. I am diabetic and my family wants to rude bikes.. good exersize:)
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In search of a working grill. Thanks so much
Hello, We are looking for a bike cart to attach to the back of a bike, the kind that are used to tow little ones. If you have an extra one taking up space that you no longer need, please let me know and I would be happy to take it off your hands! Thank you so much!
Does anybody have an Amazon firetv 1st generation remote. I was using the Phone app but had to change my modem and now I can't sign on and change my internet password on the firetv without the remote.
last weekFairlawn, OH+7 milesItems Wanted
My daughter is taking college physics this summer and needs a graphing calculator. We had one when she was in high school but we passed it on when she graduated. Does anyone have a graphing calculator she can have? Or one that she can borrow until July? I'm in the Paramus area, but willing to travel.
I am starting to make jewelry in the hopes of using it as silent auction items at charity events for groups I belong to. Am looking for anything you want to get rid of: broken, lost parts, loose parts, old clip on earrings, out-of-date, just don't want, etc. Will pick up from your porch. Thank you!
I'm looking to expand my garden. If you have any seedling overages, I'll be happy to use them.
I am in need of a small wheel chair to help me get around If you have one you are not using Please let me put it to good use. Thank you for your time
Looking for 8 curtains ALL the same color and pattern for our camper.
Looking to get fencing around my pool. 30 ft x 26 ft. Will consider any type just need it to be 4ft high or more.
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I have a old house and if you have ANY tools, it would help me immensely. *DRILL* *NAIL GUN* *Circular Saw* *Reciprocating Saw* *Grinder*
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If you have electronic test equipment you would like to pass on let me know.
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If you have a soldering station, soldering iron, accessories and/or supplies you would like to pass on please let me know.
days agoFairlawn, OH+7 milesItems Wanted
Working smartphone; SD memory cards for cellphone; 16+GB flash drives. 1 Any working smartphone cellphone will do. Can be Android, Iphone, or other. Perhaps you already upgraded and have your previous cellphone in your closet. 2 SD Memory cards for cellphone. 3 16+ GB USB flash/thumb drive Thanks for your help in this