Screen is cracked but able to be fixed and used once replaced. iCloud is not locked on device. Will be able to download your iTunes info once fixed.
Hp desktop tower $99 Today Only! Windows10 64 bit o.s. Has a Amd a6-5400b apu with radeon grapics 3.60mhz. 4gig pc3 ram with 3 empty slots. 500gig hdd. Dvd-rw. This is a clean install of win 10,no issues with this unit.price is firm and $99.00 ONLY FOR TODAY!
You were looking at it HP mid Tower with a total of 10 USB ports, this machine has immigrated Lan, and Sound. Other Specs: AMD dual-core 3.6 gigahertz CPU This machine comes with 4GB of memory. I can upgrade the machine to eight gigabytes of memory for an additional $15. The total capacity of memory supported is 32GB. This machine comes with a 500gb Western digital hard drive, a DVD R+ R/W opti...
Hamilton Beach Flex Brew. The K-cup side works when it wants to. I got it to brew 4 times before it stopped. It probably just needs to be cleaned with vinegar and Dawn for awhile. Maybe just build up in it. This is $79-89 new depending on where you go. The 12 cup side works perfect and I can send a video of it working. If you can get the K-cup side figured out, this will be a great, cheap coffe...
Metro PC's phone. LG Stylo 3 Plus. Still has the stylus with it. Has always had a screen protector on it. Only thing is there are scuffs on the stylus which are in the pictures. This is NOT AVAILABLE at MetroPCS anymore. $80
ZTE BLADE Z-MAX METROPCS. Has always has a screen protector and case on it. The only thing I've noticed is by the charging port it's missing some of the coloring. Other than that, it is in really good shape. 32 gb hard drive. Finger print scanner ( I never used it). Large battery!! Z982. CLEAN IMEI!!! Comes with screen protector (on it) Wallet case Charger ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK!!!
New no box pvp station light 3000 Mario Built In games original price $149