Radiant Barrier with Fiberglass Insulation

I am selling reflective barrier insulation. This is not just the rolls of reflective material like all the others are selling. This insulation has 2 inches of fiberglass insulation inside the reflective material. You WILL NOT find this anywhere else in the country. It is made and used extensively in Canada. Why buy from a large company when you can save hundreds and not have to wait for shipping. I have 2 different sizes. Both are 4.5ft long and 2 inches thick. The smaller size is 13 inches wide and the larger is 21 inches wide. Perfect size for fitting between rafters. This type of insulation reflects 97% of the heat and cold in your attic and will made a significant difference in your utility bills. I am saving around $400 a month on my gas and power bills. The relfective material that holds the insulation is tear proof so it can be installed without having to touch any fiberglass insulation. These retail for $15-20 a piece. I currently have only 4200 sq ft which is over 650 pieces and am asking less than .50 a square foot. That is cheaper than you can buy just the rolls of reflective material at the big retailers. No one has this with the fiberglass inside. Don't waste your money on the other stuff. Thanks.
Updated 20-Feb-2013
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