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Recent discoverys . . . lots of N.O.S. and rare water cooled parts found in our warehouses. Examples: new grill and rear lid for Dasher; new radiator and bumpers for Rabbits; New parts for Caddys; New and used parts for Sciroccos (including the A1); Lots and Lots of parts for Foxes and Audi; Early Jettas and Golfs plus A-3s . . . collecting since the early 70's. These parts and accessories belo...
Here's a great opportunity for savings on brand new parts for your water cooled VWs. Examples: NOS ATE brake master cyls $16 each; Boge/Sacs shocks $12 each; clutch discs $19 each; water hoses $9 each; Radiators= 1/2 price; water pumps $12; Stretch bolts .90 each; brake shoe sets $15; hard to find exhaust = 1/2 price; CV joints $50 each; CV boot kits $9 each; outer door handles $12 each; door l...
Wow! First time available! a set of four 15" road wheels for your Beetle, K Ghia, Type III or Type IV. . . for only $400. You may choose to purchase them with brand new tires (mounted and balanced) for a total of $610. (shipping extra - no tax outside Vt.) These are "Western Wheels" which were made in the USA. Contact John's Car Corner (802) 722-3180 in Westminster, Vermont 05158 ...home of the...
Good chance here to not only obtain rare ignition parts for your early VW (and later ones as well) but save money as well. Check with us for all your tune-up needs for all VW years and models...all at John's Car Corner on US Rte 5 in Westminster, VT 05158. . . just follow the signs. (most of these parts are German made) = JAH
We still have a few in stock (some are for Syncros)...purchase several at a time and save even more....all at John's Car Corner on US Rte 5 in beautiful Westminster, VT 05158
Wow! I came across this N.O.S. wheel arch fender trim which fits 411s and 412s while looking for some window winder regulators.... found them as well ( Vanagon and Rabbits). Never know what you might find among all those thousands of VW parts upstairs (over 50 years collecting). I figure this item belongs on someones car and not on my shelf. =JAH
. . . a nice rear bumper for your '72 thru '74 K Ghia (coupe or convertible)...the front got sold... I understand they will fit a '70 thru '73 Type III as well. We have a nice collection of bumpers for your VW (some brand new)....check us out at Johns Car Corner on US Rte 5 in Westminster, VT 05158 and check out our huge collection of VW and Porsche toys and models. Mark down these dates: Nov 1...

Hub Caps

After playing with Volkswagens for 50 years you are bound to have a massive collection of Hub Caps. Time to sell a few....come visit Johns Car Corner and pick out some hub caps for your pride and joy. Located on US Rte 5 which runs from the southern Conn. boarder to Canada...in beautiful Westminster, VT 05158. . .and don't forget to mark your calendar on Nov 12 & 13 for our OPEN HOUSE with its'...
After 50 years of dismantling Volkswagens we have acquired quite a collection of Ash Trays. Check with us if you need one....all yrs and models JCC in Westminster, VT 05158
Porsche front shocks for your 924 or 944 at out-rageous savings... can be seen at JCC in Westminster, VT 05158 . . . other Porsche parts at simular savings? You Bet!
We found a selection of clutch cross- shafts in one of our warehouses.... Sold @ special below cost prices. John's Car Corner Westminster, Vt 05158
These are New German Axle Boots for early IRS Type IIs... 1968 - (Bay window) Keep your early Bay original and German! John's Car Corner Rte 5 Westminster, VT 05158 Part # 211 501 151
New tow bars with 2" ball...tow your K Ghia, Thing, Beetle, or super Beetle with this quick hitching tow bar. Works with all years of the models listed above. Can be seen at Johns Car Corner in Westminster, Vt 05158 Specify the model of VW you have.
Tail pipe for your Volkswagen part # 021 251 171F and 171G will also fit some Type IIs available at John's Car Corner in Westminster, VT 05158
Good selection of Bosch Ign Distributors for your Volkswagen...available at John's Car Corner in Westminster, VT 05158
This '61 latch 211-837-016B was on my shelf along with one for a '63. 211-837-016C They are new right hand cargo door latches for splitty buses. Take your pic for $49 plus ship. -JCC
Now available. 'How to' books from Volkswagen for your Fuel Injected air cooled vehicles....one for Beetles (including Super Beetles); and one for your Type IIs (1975 and up). Purchase them both for $45 and get free shipping. See them at Johns Car Corner in Westminster, VT 05158
New in the box windshield wiper motor (12 volt) for your 1967 Type II . . . can also help you convert your earlier splitty to 12 volt. Can be had at John's Car Corner in Westminster, VT (half mile from N.H. and 20 miles from Mass.) ..just follow the signs.
Now available and in new condition...a brochure of perhaps the most unique vehicle Volkswagen has ever produced - The Eurovan. Full color...yours shipped for only $39. A great piece to add to your collection. = John JCC
We found this cap in our inventory - we believe it fits early Porsches and early Type IIs...maybe even early KDF. It's going to look a lot better on your vehicle than on our shelf. =JCC Rte 5 Westminster, VT 05158
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