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With his big, bright eyes, and impressive ears, precious little Kitten 15757 doesn't miss a beat! He brings his good curiosity to every playtime with his sweet siblings, and is interested in everything you do! Scoop him up for pets and snuggles and he will share plenty of head boops and cheek rubs. He is a very attractive little guy with his easy-care coat and cute little brown ears. This happy...
Tina is a little doll who is hoping to soon be a cherished member of a secure and loving family. She gets along well with other kittens, cats, dogs, and children, so she can cheerfully fit into many types of welcoming homes! In her foster home she has been the 1 who has been the most loving to any new kitten. Happy playtimes are her specialty, and every toy is her instant favorite from rolling ...
He doesn't wear glasses, or have a mustache, and isn't a bit grouchy; nevertheless this cutiepie kitten is named Groucho! He IS smart, very entertaining, and always Hollywood-attractive in his classic, camera-ready tuxedo! He happily scampers and skitters with other kittens and has been fine around bigger cats and around dogs, and his easy-going friendliness makes him an instant friend of every...
Kitten 15357 is a pure lovebug wrapped in soft coat with a picture-perfect kitten face! He was found in someone's yard and she couldn't stand leaving him in the cold. Kitten 15357 is super loving, a bit of a social butterfly, and really wants a home where he will have plenty of affectionate human contact. This attractive kitty needs a purrfectly precious home. Could he be waiting for you? More ...
This sweet tiny tot is up and ready to find her awesome home for life! Though she may be a bit timid at 1st, once she's in a room of love and attention, she really can shine! If you are looking for a more calm and loving kitten, look for her at our Parlier location! More information & application
Meet Marks, a cutie pie lovebug who looks like he was experimenting with his mom's eyeliner and managed to hit his nose! But he doesn't mind because he's a happy, playful, friendly guy who finds fun in everything! His best-dressed look is effortless because he's a dandy little tuxedo dude who wakes up looking polished and ready to make the most of the day! Everyone enjoys his light-hearted spir...
Adrienne is quite the character! When she's not chasing dogs or lounging in a cozy cuddle puddle with other cats, she's playing with the children in her foster home. She's very social and people-oriented and loves loves loves to play play play! She's also got some amazingly bunny-soft fur that you'll love to pet! More information & application
This little love bug is now looking for a forever home! She loves to be held, petted, and given the attention she deserves. If she's not wanting attention, she's resting next to you or in your arms just enjoying your company. If you are looking for that super friendly kitten that has nothing but love to give, look for her at our sanctuary in Parlier! More details & application
Little Marlene has overcome her tough early circumstances to become a darling doll who, according to her foster mom, "absolutely loves to play, play, play"! She likes a little time to assess each situation and new people but has been happily fostered with her sister and dogs and children. She deserves a lovable family where her future will never again be insecure or deprived. Could such a class...
This lovable girl is Kitten 15474, and she is looking for a forever home! She is a bit shy, but with enough love and care she will blossom into a nice kitty for any home. She does get along with other kitties, and even has a brother that is here at the Cat House! If you're looking for 1 or a couple of good kitties you should consider these beautiful little floofs! More information & application
This guy may be shy but he is worth a try! As we said, his is a bit shy, but he is looking for someone that's willing to give him all the love and affection to bring him right out and turn him into the spunky little guy we know he is! He also has a sister that may make him more comfortable and help him adjust to a new home, so please consider adopting them together. More details & application
This kitten is very rambunctious! He loves to play with anything he can get his paws on, be it hands, feets, shoeslaces, other kittens, or toys! He is a high energy kitten who would do best with a playmate! He is also a super adorable kitty that asks for all the attention he can get! If you are in the market for a kitty that will never leave you wanting more affection, you can find this kitty i...
Midnight had a really rough start with her wonderful sister, Marlene. But now she's a hearty, happy torti darling who enjoys everyone she meets and adores attention. She also loves and enjoys her sister and gets along good with dogs and children. Playtimes are always a highlight of the day, and every toy is this little cutie's instant favorite! With her sister by her side, kitten adventures and...
This lovable little guy is kitten 15458, and he is ready to find a new home. He may be a bit shy but once you scoop him up in your arms he will start to purr and make biscuits. He is nice kitty ready for any home that will love him. More info & application
Abigail is a sweetheart snugglebug who is also quite sassy and opinionated when she wants to be. She loves playing and pouncing, and when she's tired (and feels safe) she purrs like a motorboat! She gets along well with cats she knows and doesn't hesitate to hiss at new cats to show them she's in charge. She should grow and mature into a delightful girl! More information & application
This cute and curious little 1 is ready to find a home to explore! He is a adorable little Siamese mixture, that will be in your face ready for love. He is also a very playful and curious fellow, he will play with any toy you bring to him and he will definitely continue playing as long as he can. If you feel like he is a great fit for your home, apply for him today!! More info & application
This darling little sweetheart had a rough start. She came to us in desperate need of human attention. She was covered in fleas, bathed and showered with TLC. After she made a full recovery, now she's ready for adoption. Our darling little gal enjoys being around other kittens, but watch out for those shoe laces! If you're seeking a new feline addition you won't be disappointed with Kitten 1592...
Kitten 16248 is a blue-eyed beauty with a winning personality and a loud purr! Through no fault of her own, she ended up on the streets and now she's not-so-patiently waiting for a new family she can call her own. She loves to explore new people (especially purses and shoes) and has a fondness for hanging out on the cat tree and hiding toys under the blankets. She's stunning, friendly, and (bec...
Looking exquisite with her soft blue coat, this gem is ready for adoption. She may be a bit shy to the crowds, but get her alone and she's an absolute gem. She loves a quiet place to sleep while being given the attention she deserves. If you are looking for a more calm kitten, look for this gem at our Parlier location. More details & application
This precious girl is now looking for her forever home. Making friends is what this littler girl does best. Loving anyone or anything on the adoption floor, this little angel is looking for someone that would like a best friend for life. If that best friend is you, you should come adopt her at our Parlier location! Apply now! More information & application
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