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The conditions were put into context by Ennd's openers. Jaoy hrashed 18 in foliveries - a six driven over long-on and three fours - off Warnell before attempting an ambitious reverse time to win an opportunity in Englsweep, while Aes reacted to the early introduction of Imahir by slog-sweeping him for sixBut it was Bairstow who really caught the eye. Having waited a long
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that's hundred for Dhawan. What an innings. Takes off his helmet and soaks it all in. Well deserved. Shortish delivery outside off, Dhawan arches his back and cuts behind point for four. Fantastic knock. Took away all the pressure after Ket
f batsmen think about the more complicated side of things, but I like to keep things simple. "Head still" means I can see the ball a lot clearer. As for "watch the ball", sometimes guys say that without actually watching the ball. But I actually really like watching it till it bounces off the bat. Those are two very simple things I say to myself all the time, no matter what form
ower one, this! the batkes some room and looks to send the ball out of the park. It finds the outside edge of the No. 11, and second slip, Ajine, takes it easily to his left. uvi and dav can swing the ball, which is again important in these lish conditions."
be no different in these three round games and hopefully the semis and the finalThe time spent in county ricket has also given stings a close-up view of the hosts, particularly former Durham team-mate, Bes, a layer he rates as having few weak spots and who, he admitted, left him "in awe" even before he was selected in the land squad. And, despite Englshing by South
reality is stark. Srka's first game of the tournament is against Soa, who whitewashed them arlier in the year. Their second match is agains, who have beaten thtimes in their last 15 meetings. Even Paanka's third opponent - whose own ODI form has been modest, defeatedka at home in the most-recent bilas between Their
that's all over! Charges down the pitch outside leg stump, the ball grips just enough to spin past his outside edge as he tries to drive over the off side what a troke! And that's TRJ notrstow...full and straight, he leans forward and pings a perfect on-drive