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11-Dec-2017 Cape Coral, FL (9 miles) Items Wanted
I am trying to find broken bits of necklaces, bracelets, wind chimes, doorway bead curtains, virtually anything with beads! Additionally cordage, clasps, things which can be used for charms, books & supplies are always welcome too! My wife & 5 y/o daughter both love this hobby, but it is expensive and we just moved here from Indiana to start fresh after a house fire so it's important I find an ...
Looking to hold a free craft class at our RV park. Beads, wire, paints, tools are appreciated. Even broken jewelry is welcomed.
28-Nov-2017 Cape Coral, FL (9 miles) Items Wanted
Hello, I'm looking for Concrete masonry block for a gardening project I'm planning. Thanks in advance. Lazaro
27-Nov-2017 Cape Coral, FL (9 miles) Items Wanted
I'm interested in any unwanted concrete blocks you have for a garden project. Thank you in advance. Lazaro
Okay so I have never asked for help on here before. Or anywhere really. So I'm not sure how to ask for this or how to word it so I'll just tell you what's going on. The closer we get to Christmas the more I'm realizing that we won't be able to provide one for our children. I've tried so many different ways to work our budget to try to put a little money aside for Christmas and our finances just...
22-Nov-2017 Cape Coral, FL (9 miles) Items Wanted
My daughter is in need of jean's for when the weather gets colder. She can wear A childs 14/16 or A juniors 3. If you have any you or your child has out grown we will put them to good use. Happy Thanksgiving!
22-Nov-2017 Cape Coral, FL (9 miles) Items Wanted
I need A wheel chair with the foot rest. It's for my father with lung disease. He needs it to conserve energy. If somebody has one they aren't using and wants to get rid of it I will gladly take it. Happy Thanksgiving!
I am in need of pavers for a home project I have. I can pick them up no problem. Thanks for your favorable response.
Looking for tree seedlings for Bonsai class. Thanks.
Looking for free empty wine and liquor bottles to recycle into crafts. I will pick up.
If you have toys your kids have outgrown but are in good condition, we would love to use them as prizes for kids in our church class at North Shore Alliance Church, North Fort Myers
10-Nov-2017 Cape Coral, FL (9 miles) Items Wanted
Will gladly pick up. Needs to be 110 vs 220, please. Thank you kindly.
6-Nov-2017 Cape Coral, FL (9 miles) Items Wanted
I need electronic and computer parts. I cannot pick them up but I can send you my address and you can drop them off.
Want to buy US Army flamethrowers M2 M7 M9 72032 google map | yahoo map
19-Oct-2017 Cape Coral, FL (9 miles) Items Wanted
Misc Computer Cables / Piece Parts / Adapters for personal projects/hobby... For anyone looking to help someone who will pay it forward look no further, your generosity will not be taken for granted. I appreciate the time taken to even read my article, thank you for that. Specifically I'm looking for multiple microphones (old or new, cheap PC microphones, condenser microphones just about any 3....
19-Oct-2017 Cape Coral, FL (9 miles) Items Wanted
Looking for a high chair or Tot-Loc seat for visiting family members.
Does anyone have any fabric,beads sizzix,cricut stuff you just don't want anymore I'm looking for these things for my daughter and a sewing machine thank you
Looking for pavers to make a fire pit
9-Oct-2017 Cape Coral, FL (9 miles) Items Wanted
Yarn or hooks
Need boys clothes 12-14
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