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Unique upcycled piece of art. One of a kind. Antique dresser mirror wooden frame converted into a wall hanging art. The picture depicts a freshly made bed with a window that outlooks a wooded lot and a shoreline in the far distance. A end table with a sail boat and sea shell. It's appears as a scene from Cope Cod area. Warm and inviting. I have more antique and vintage items available. ...
Antique Blue Ball Mason jars with zinc lids. The jars have vintage wire jar holder and wooden handles. The Blue Blue mason jars contain red,white and blue thread. Wooden spools of thread. The second jar contains vintage collection of buttons. Americana or primitive decorative decor display. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora. The taller jar measures...
Framed picture of vintage/antique 1900 advertisement showing images of toddlers and babies. B/W Photos showing babies and toddlers from 100 years ago. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area.
Two available. Antique Rug Beaters that's converted into wall hanging wreathes. Unique wall displays. Made and assembled by crafter. Dried flower arrangement with a vintage bow. Asking $15.00 each. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area. Check out more of my vintage and antique items available-I can send pics...
Antique and vintage items and home decor. Vintage washboard message board that includes note pads and caulk. Various types and sizes of mason jars that are filled with vintage buttons or sea shells. The mason jars are all unique. Vintage magazine rack. WWII ration coin and a rapid transit token from the 30's. Vintage sox stretcher and shoe forms all are children sized. Ship lap distres...
3 barber or beauty shop related items. All 3 items are vintage and antique. Large Barbicide jar. Valentine Hair tone bottle that is half full. Dr. Ellis hair wave set. Also included is two combs and a bottle of bancide to fill the Barbicide glass jar. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area. Asking $ 25.00 firm.
I have two functional oil lamps and two decorative only oil lamps. The non functional oil lamps have arhetifical flowers inside of them. Two amber bases, one amber base is functional. Two clear glass oil lamps. One clear glass is funtional. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area. Asking $10.00 each.
Vintage Pickle mason jar that is filled with antique and vintage kitchen utensils. The jar has a Fabric cover with a yarn bow. The top of the jar has a vintage hot pad. Various kitchen utensils are inside of the mason jar. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora
23-Jul-2017 Aurora, IL Buy and Sell
All antique vintage mason jars available. Asking $10.00 or less. Tell me which one that your interested in and I will give you the price.... Various sizes. All contain various things/items Blue ball aqua pin cushion with sewing items to sea shells to clothes pins to vintage buttons. I have more than shown in pics. Ball, Atlas,Lighting,Drey and a few other brands of vintage mason jars. E...
A lot of variety of antique and vintage items available. Several Barn wood coat/apron racks. Mail barnwood mail rack. All different. Antique book self. Vintage sewing cabinet drawer that is converted into a wall hanging display. It holds antique kitchen items. Vintage carpet beater that upcycled into a dried flower wreaths wall hanging. Various vintage mason jars that are filled wi...
This item is perfect to showcase your favorite hats. Item is new.
Three saw blades {Item 1} Large antique sawmill/buzz saw blade. Great looking large old sawmill blade. Measures 27 1/2 inches over all, has a 1 1/2 inch hole for a shaft in the middle of the blade. No cracks or breaks. Large steel heavy blade original and just as found. Would make a neat addition to any rustic setting. Normal wear from use- (minor cosmetic issues such as rust, dust, dirt, scr...
{1} This antique block plane is in very good condition. It does have some use wear. I was unable to find any makers marks on this item. The measurements are 22 1/8" long x 3'' wide x 3 1/8'' tall. I am not an antique tool expert so please look closely at the pictures, because they are a very large part of the item description. Asking $ 55.00 or make me an offer. {2} This antique block plane ...
{ Item 1} Antique all natural wicker rocker hardly used. Great for front porch or Florida room. The size of chair is 41 7/8'' tall, 21 1/4'' at the bottom rockers, at the arms of the chair is 22 1/2'' as you can see in the pictures. Asking $ 90.00, make me an offer. { Item 2 } Antique unfinished shabby chic chair. The size of chair is 33 1/4'' tall, 18 1/2'' wide. Asking $ 50.00, make me a...
Antique barn hinges, different sizes it's some other ones in the bucket to. Take the hold lot. Asking 160.00 or make me an offer. Call me at 301-964-9493 ask for David. { Check different websites on prices then you will see this is a good deal } See website for more items for sale at: http://www.tractorandotheritems.com/antiques_and_other_items.html { Use google for the website search address }
A old walnut drop leaf table. Has four stationary legs, and two additional legs, that swing out like a gate to support the leaves. All six legs on caster. Two broad top has a 1/4 gap between them. Height is 28" x Length 48" with both leaves extend table top is 64". On price make me an offer. Call me 301-432-2050 or 301-964-9493 ask for David. {{ Came from a family estate. I'm not an antique dea...
Antique milk can, 20 1/2" tall. Looks like around five gallons. In real good condition. I see no wholes or cracks or bents, inside looks good. I see a little rust on the inside. Marking on the lid, WASH D.C. C.F.C.D.Y. Asking $ 70.00 or make me an offer. Cash on pickup. Call me at 301-964-9493 ask David. See website for more items for sale at: http://www.tractorandotheritems.com/antiques_and_o...
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This estate has some of the most iconic light fixtures of the
605-380-4763 ... Wanted to buy an animated Manikin Vendor gumball machine (aka Baker Boy). It is a sanitary chewing gum machine that was manufactured in Portland, Ore. It can be in any condition. I'm also looking for other antique gumball, peanut, arcade, or slot machines. If it is old and takes a coin, I'm interested in buying it for my collection. Especially looking for penny Pulver Chewing G...