Chameleon Tile and Stone Floor Vent Registers

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Chameleon Tile and Stone Floor Vent Registers Chameleon vents stand out by blending in. Fill it with pieces of your flooring material and create a perfect match. In Stock Ship Same Day Buy Now at Price start at $88.00 Buy Now at Available Sizes: 2 1/4 x 10 - 2 1/4 x 12 - 2 1/4 x 14 - 3 x 10 - 4 x 8 - 4 x 10 - 4 x 12 - 4 x 14 - 6 x 10 - 6 x 12 - 6 x 14 Available for 3/8" and 1/2" Thickness Create a flush-mount matching register for tile and stone floors. Integrate job site tile or stone flooring material with an engineering strength, aluminum frame. chameleon vents offer significant structural strength without having to sacrifice style for function. Chameleon Tile & Stone Registers are used with ceramic tile, porcelain tile, slate, granite, marble, travertine, concrete, cork, hardwood and bamboo floors. Registers for either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch material are available. Specify which thickness when ordering. Made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, Chameleon Tile & Stone Registers come in two parts: a cradle and a frame. The installer cuts tile and stone materials with a ceramic tile wet saw. For wood materials, the installer uses a power saw to cut pieces. Pieces are then glued into the registers channels with clear silicone caulk. The frame is installed directly on the subfloor, surrounded by tile or stone flooring Our store open to the public 5047 W Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles CA 90016 Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 5:00pm Sunday 12 noon - 4:00pm For more product visit our web site Or call us at 323-731-8453
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