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If you have purchased a vehicle and do not have the time to take off work to go to the tax office and stand in line for hours to transfer the title in your name we can help. If you have been to the tax office and the clerk rejected your vehicle title due to errors and you are not able to take off again to get the title transfer completed we can help. If you have received a vehicle as a gift from an immediate family member and need to change the title in your name we can help. If you have received a motor vehicle as a gift from anyone other than an immediate family member you will need to pay motor vehicle sales tax on the private retail value of the vehicle. If you have purchased the vehicle from an individual and you are not able to get the title we can process the title transfer and get the title, plates and the registration sticker with no problem. There are a large number of reasons to need assistance with a title transfer. Maybe you have the title and the registered owner signed the title in the incorrect place. Or perhaps they did not sign the title at all. Or maybe they signed the title but never registered the title into their name and then they signed the title over to you. If any one of these scenarios apply to you do not get discouraged, all it takes is one phone call and one office visit to 7070 southwest fwy, Houston, tx 77074 and VIP title service will get the title work completed for you. To get pricing all you will need is the year, make, model and the vehicle identification number (VIN). So don't ever listen to the words "no I can not transfer your title" just call kem at 713-778-9484 or 281-901-7909 and allow the experts at VIP title service to get your plates, title transfer and vehicle registration completed. At VIP title service we specialize in the impossible and give all of our customers a very satisfactory experience. There is not one job we cant do so whether you have lost the vehicle title before you had a chance to transfer it into your name or just have barriers to cross in getting your motor vehicle transferred we can help. We specialize in auto title bonds and lost titles. It doesn't matter if the vehicle you have is a commercial, recreational, passenger vehicle or a trailer we can and will get the job done for you without the headache. So come on down to 7070 Southwest Fwy and allow VIP title service to take care of all your title needs. Our services include but are not limited to: auto surety bonds, lost titles, duplicate titles, title corrections, re-titles, title transfers, international title transfers, apportioned plates, combination plates, token trailer plates, trailer plates, atv title transfers, motorcycle title transfers, off road bike title transfers, notary, out of state vehicle registration and many more services. So if you work a job where you do not have time to take off work and stand in line for an hour or two at the local county tax assessor office or state DMV office call kem at 713-778-9484 or 281-901-7909 or come to 7070 southwest fwy and we will get the job done for you 100% guaranteed. Our office is open mon-sat from 10am until 8 pm. If you can not come to us then we will come to you.
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