Professional Recording Studio

(Lynn, MA)
Listing has expired on: 7-Apr-2013
We are a full service audio production studio located in Lynn Massachusetts. We feature state of the art digital recording, a relaxed, creative atmosphere specifically geared to the artist and gold and platinum award engineers to get the results you're looking for with your project. We have completed hundreds of projects in all musical genres but specialize in Pop, Hip Hop and R&B. We have produced and engineered many major & independent artist CD releases and have worked with many record labels including Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony etc. Most of our artists have recorded multiple projects with us. They keep coming back because we know our stuff, we really listen to their needs and can give them the results they're looking for. Since Crazze House Beats is run by musicians, for musicians, we understand the studio from both sides of the glass, and we are not one of those "sterile" commercial facilities that are married to the clock or some guy in his basement with a laptop. One of ur motto is "whatever it takes". Our services include audio production and mixing capabilities for all styles of music. Additional services include radio production, videography, photography, mastering, audio restoration and archiving, voice over, and audio for picture. We have amazing gear including Korg Triton keyboard, amazing mic pres SSL & Focusrite, Our mic cabinet is full of great microphones by Neuman (U87, TLM103, TLM 149) Sterling (ST66, ST69) Akg, Baby Bottle, Octava, etc. Great outboard FX, and a full range of top of the line plugins from WAVES and SSL. Track and mix in Pro Tools with all of our toys. Digidesign Control 24 digital board. Take advantage of our SPECIAL - Record your music for only $45 per hour and that INCLUDES THE ENGINEER! We have some open dates. Call us today to arrange a walkthrough of the studio and we'll be more than happy to discuss your project. contact us via EMAIL or call 888-211-2247 or check us out
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