Araucana Duo, rumpless, clean faced

$50(Brooksville, FL)
Listing has expired on: 17-Mar-2013
Black roo and lavender splash hen, 5 month old, almost ready for breeding and laying eggs. Beware, a lot of people advertising these do not have araucanas, these are very rare and are always rumpless. Keep a pure bred flock to preserve the species. Some of my chickens are hatched from eggs from skyblueegg. These are not the ameraucana, or americana, araucanas are the origin of these breeds These will lay blue green eggs. The parents My flock: 3 roos to 7 hens. Have one tufted, rumpless red hen and one tufted splash rooster, others are clean faced. = the origin =The Araucana is a hybrid of two South American breeds: the Collonca (a naturally blue-egg laying, rumpless, clean-faced chicken) and the Quetro (a pinkish-brown egg layer that is tailed and has ear-tufts). The Collonca male and female are very similar, with very few secondary sexual characteristics like comb, wattles or tail coverts to distinguish them. All my chickens are spoiled with organic lettuce and vegetables for snacks, no medication or anibiotics given. 352 593 0720
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