Resmed V PAP 3 VPAP III Retails for $1865.00 Mint Condition CPAP OCS

$99(Palm Springs, CA)
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VPAP III MIRP: $1,865.00 Prescription: Rx Required Manufacturer: ResMed Description More Information The ResMed VPAP III Series is "comfortably in sync" with your breathing pattern. Achieving patient machine synchronization is a key to effective therapy. The VPAP III system has all that's needed to provide optimal therapy to match your needs. Features Extra comfort ”enhancing your therapy o Optional integrated humidification module to suit your varying needs with changing symptoms and seasons. o Comfortable pressure transitions resulting from: Clinician-adjustable rise time Variable speed motor. o Optional ramp time offering gradual build-up at the start of therapy (“45 minutes). Effective synchronization ”the VPAP way o Patient “machine synchronization is the key to effective therapy. VPAP III's unique Vsync and TiControl features assure patient “machine synchronization even in the presence of large leaks and particular respiratory disorders. Extra intelligence ”managing your therapy o VPAP III offers comprehensive data management features, allowing your clinician to monitor and manage your therapy. o SmartStart feature automatically starts and stops your device. o Smart Data provides you with usage and mask fit information. o Mask-fitting feature allows you to adjust your mask fit to ensure an optimal seal. Extra convenience ”simplifying your therapy o Optional HumidAire 2 integrated humidification module for portability. o Switch-mode power supply enables trouble-free international travel. The VPAP III has two modes of operation: Spontaneous mode CPAP mode Patient comfort and clinical control go hand-in-hand Effective noninvasive bilevel pressure therapy to treat a variety of respiratory conditions including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Combines increased comfort with a high level of clinical control. Effectively manages patients with breath synchronization challenges associated with unique lung and chest “wall conditions. Features and Benefits Effective synchronization ”the VPAP way o Vsync is a unique feature. It automatically minimizes any pressure loss due to leak, while ensuring reliable breath detection o TiControl provides minimum and maximum inspiratory time limits. These frame a window of opportunity to accommodate individual respiratory conditions Adjustable trigger and cycle with high, medium and low breath sensitivity settings o Treatment screen to optimize patient “machine synchronization Extra comfort enhancing therapy o Wide pressure range (2 - 25 cm H2O) gives you flexibility to manage a variety of disease-related conditions o Variable speed motor enables controlled pressure changes that are both responsive and comfortable o Adjustable rise time (ms) allows you to set the desired response speed for pressure transitions (EPAP to IPAP) o Optional integrated humidification module provides extra comfort Extra intelligence ”managing therapy o Clinical Menu Results and Night Profile o Treatment screens Extra conv... 592 Total Run time hours.
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