Boring, super boring job with terrible co-workers

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Really? Is that the job you are looking for? If so, you have come to the wrong place, my friend. We are a growing real estate team looking for a few new members to join us and take over the worl… I mean, help our clients buy and sell the American Dream. Interested? Read on… If you are looking for a high risk - high reward, fun loving team environment with a bunch of kick butt co-workers, you’ve come to the right place. We are a growing real estate team located in the heart of Uptown that can no longer handle the volume of business coming our way. In this economy, you say? Blasphemy! In all honesty, we have been growing for the past 6 years. Don't be fooled by "the man" telling us how the housing market is. Hundreds of homes still sell every day and we want you to help our guests buy and sell them. The only reason we have a few positions open is because they want the perfect person holding them. They are not going to date just anyone; the perfect candidates are going to give: Agents An active realty license Reliable Transportation Willingness to learn Negotiators: An active realty license Part time Contract Manager for offers/negotiations (3-5 hours per week) Cover 1-5 hours / 1-3 transactions per week of time per deal helping to draft /review contracts and convey negotiation issues. Can also be an active Realtor Showing Agent: An active realty license or are in process of getting one Reliable transportation A cell phone Great people skills Can also be an active Realtor This recipe also needs a cup of professional appearance, 2 tablespoons of accountability, and a dash of panache (if you don't have it, don't call) What do you get in return? You mean, beyond prestige, the adoration of millions, and the respect of your peers? Great question. How about this bag of chips: Agent: Commission, performance based position with estimates of $40,000 to $60,000+, pending existing experience. Contract Negotiator: $35 per hour + referral fee bonuses Showing Agent: $20 per hour + referral fee bonuses All: Annual goal based profit sharing up to $1000 Ongoing training and career development provided to build your income. Still interested? Then rip your shirt, scream to the sky how awesome this is, and shoot us an email. Just don't say we didn't warn you that your life is about to become p-r-e-t-t-y rad.
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