Skin Weft Human Hair Extensions

$6(New York, NY)
Listing has expired on: 4-May-2013
Skin Weft is made of hand-knotted 100% remy hair on very thin Poly-Urethan skin(PU), the width of one strip is 90cm, available also 30cm and 10cm. PU wide have 0.8cm, 0.7cm, 1cm etc. Color: Single color, mixed color, Two tone color, piano color, etc; Texture: Yaki, silky straight, wavy, curly, etc. The length can be from 8" to 30"up skin weft hair extension is seamless without bump when it is completed. No adhesive is used. No clips or chemicals, fast, easy and profitable way of applying extensions. Skin weft is the most convenient hair, simplest, and a speedy way for applying extensions. Since tape is used, the result look very natural and, furthermore, the weft can not be detected. It is suitable for short period time event, such as party, and can be easily detached and used again later.
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