Motor Club of America (MCA) (Jonesboro, GA)

MCA/TVC the Motor Club of America is Hiring Referral and Work at Home Agents. , I will fully train you how to make $400 to $1000 a week working From the comfort of your Home. MCA/TVC offers a Support number -866-467-2221 , training materials, and a host of other cool stuff so you can make great money.. Benefits of Working for The Motor Club of America You are paid $80-$90 For every signup - 2 Signups a day = $1,120 a week No commute or sitting in rush hour traffic wasting Gas, you can work from the Comfort of your Home. No experience necessary Start today. Simple business. Easy to learn...Free Training Great Pay... This position offers a high payout and you will be paid WEEKLY via direct deposit or check. Free Company Website A 800# open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to offer assistance to Associates and Members. Flexible Hours You are paid every Friday Customers come to you Commission advance Retirement income Management opportunity ●Emergency Road Service "ERS" ●24 Hour Dispatch "ERS" ●Emergency Travel Expense ●Emergency Ambulance Expense ●Travel Itinerary Service ●$100 Traffic Court Defense ●Stolen Automobile Reward ●Personal Defense Fees ●Legal Fees ●Traffic Court Appearance Bond ●$10,000 Bail Bond ●Additional benefits may from time to time be added as we enhance our product Job Description Responsibilities include greeting customers, paperwork, explaining company benefits and procedures. Your duties would be to explain a Motor Club of America membership-based product to our customers and help them complete the application. or .... You can simply sign People up that wants to become MCA/TVC Associates and offer them Income opportunities and you still will be paid when they sign up under your website. Places to get Signups to make $80-$90 per person Your Friends and family members, your Co-Workers, Facebook,Twitter, All Social media, Online Forums, The Unemployment office, Job Classified Sections, ANYBODY That need to make an Income or Anybody that needs Towing and AAA Like Benefits.. This is not hard at all. Even if you sign up and only got one person to sign up you Doubled your Money...Or if you paid for every person to join you still would make $40-$50 per Person so this is a No-Brainer To get started with TVC and the Motor Club of America and get INSTANTLY HIRED you will need $39.90 and that covers 2 month of 100 mile Towing! Legal Benefits! Auto benefits! and health benefits! $50,000 AD&D with Hospital Indemnity and ER Benefit, Your Associate Starter Kit, Your Paperwork and your Company Website. **It is a requirement for Starting** No prepaid card!!! 1. click on this Link to get started – click on go best now for the MCA Total Security Motor Club option. Total cost is only $39.90 which pays 2 month membership in advance. 2. Follow the steps to create a NEW account. You will receive a link with your own MCA ID. 3. Get your own Free TVC Motor Club of America Website site Instantly. 4. E-mail that link to someone you know who can take a look at these amazing benefits and opportunity and start growing your income! 5. MCA will send out your starter kit, Associate Agreement and your Benefits package in the Mail. Call that support number to set up Direct deposit and get your Associate Agreement sent out to you.