Think you can't afford to have your own office? Well, think again!

$800(Sparks, NV)
Listing has expired on: 19-Aug-2013
Have you ever thought to yourself how nice it would be to have a private office and decided not to, due to the overwhelming cost of running your small business? Well think again, because at the Vineyards Executive Suites we know how difficult it is to generate profit amidst this miserable never-ending recession. That's why we have designed a flexible office program with really low monthly rates that covers the cost of virtually all of your office expenses. Plus, unlike our corporate competitors, we will not charge you for extras-such as our wired/wireless internet service & use of our ESI Business Telephone System or Xerox Copier. And, we will NOT build the cost of these amenities into your monthly rate. In fact our flexible office program can save your business around $52,200.00 per year. (Please See attached Chart). Hence, when you lease with us, you won't have to pay for a receptionist, administrative help, office equipment, tech support, telephone and internet service or even a power bill. And, you won't have to work from home in isolation without business support services and day to day human interaction to save money. So you ask “Why do you do all this?” "Because, at the Vineyards Executive Suites our business is helping your business grow!" We’re at 4894 Sparks Blvd. in Spanish Springs; just minutes away from banks, stores & restaurants. Call Rosemary Loven at 775 284 9080 to arrange a tour today
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