Hotel front desk position!!! jacksonville

(Jacksonville, AL)
Listing has expired on: 17-Jan-2013
Front Desk Position qualifications: We are looking for an energetic, ready to work, fun personality type of employee who works well with others and is not afraid to go above and beyond the work requirements. An employee that has great people and communication skills (since you will be dealing directly with guests) as well as detail oriented. Being punctual is a necessity as well must be a fast learner since you will be working almost immediately. The ideal employee as well must be able to multi task since you will be in situations where you will be handling everything from answering phones to answering any of the guest's questions as well as checking in/out guests all in the same time frame. We are looking for an employee who has great people skills knows how to speak proper and respectfully towards our guests and others. Trust is also a big key since you will be dealing with special guests and personal information. Computer literate is a requirement as well as a High School diploma or higher. Prior experience in the hospitality business is a must. Thank you. ggnanakani
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