Organic Amino Acid Powder 100% Soluble OMRI (Pompano Beach, FL)

Craig 239-357-1853 Will Ship OMRI concentrates are 100% soluble, mixed at a 100:1 ratio. OMRI 100% Soluble Amino Acid Powder 14% Nitrogen 1-10, 44 lb bulk box $403.21 each 11-24 $338.21 each Full Pallet 50 44 lb bags $312.19 each Two Pallets $260.05 each Five pallets Call for pricing MRI Soluble Amino Acid Powder 12% Nitrogen Soluble Amino Acid powder is obtained from organically grown soy beans. The amino acids play a role in improving metabolic pathways for fertilizer and water uptake. Supplementing with a soy protein during a blooming period will enhance other available nutrients for uptake. This plant based powder increases stored proteins within plant stem and roots, and boosts flowering, fruiting and yield. The application of amino acids reduces the amount of nitrogen needed by plants to produce their proteins, enzymes, and chlorophyll. Minimum Product Specs Nitrogen 12% Phosphorus 0.04% Potassium 0.15% pH 4-6 With a 44 lbs. Bulk Box your getting 4,000 gallons. Soluble powders are reconstituted as follows: one (1) pound of soluble powder is added into one gallon of water, to solublize. The liquid solution is blended and then added into 100 gallons of water, for a ready to use concentrate.