Looking for a kitten for my family. Rockwall, TX

(Rockwall, TX)
Listing has expired on: 23-Jan-2013
We are looking for a kitten to add to our family. We have two daughters and a small, spoiled Papillon. My daughters would really like to be involved starting shortly after birth of the litter. They would like to meet the kitten very early (eyes closed), although they realize they cannot take it home until it is older. They want to experience very young kittens, but we will spay or neuter this new cat, so they will not otherwise have the opportunity. My daughters are very affectionate and will make great big sisters. If your cat is pregnant, or has just delivered, please let us know. If you are located in, or near Rockwall, that would be a plus. Thanks for your consideration.
32.917175; -96.43683 32.917175 -96.43683