2013 Santa Claus Christmas Eve Visits

$150(Vero Beach, FL)
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***Catch Santa in the Act Christmas Eve/ Morning Visit*** $300 for up to 60 minute visit For a once in a lifetime opportunity one Family each Christmas Eve and Morning "Catch Santa in the Act" Once the children are asleep, Santa will come in and start placing your presents under the tree.. You can wake the kids and tell them you hear a noise. They can catch me doing my work. I'll go ahead and give them their "special" present from Santa. This is an event that promises to be remembered all their lives. **Christmas Eve Santa Sneak Peaks** 15 -20 minute visit $150 Christmas Eve after 10 pm Santa Claus comes to your home, after the children are in bed! Children are thrilled back into believing, as they "Catch" Santa arranging gifts, filling stockings, talking to himself and eating the cookies the children have left! www.santabyscott.com santa@santabyscott.com 321-474-3706
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