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If you have an under-sink Reverse Osmosis system that is not working or the water does not taste good, please call (480) 567-8107, Daniel. I have over 15 years experience in the water business, particularly, R.O. systems. I take pride in providing the best service for my customers and making sure that they are happy, and my reputation is very important to me and my business. You will not be disappointed. Services provided: - Repair - Replace Filters - Installation - Removal - Replace old systems - Yearly scheduled maintenance Accessories (parts): - Sediment filter (2.5 x 10): $4 - Carbon block filter by Matrikx (2.5 x 10): $10 - Inline filter by Omnipure (1.8 x 10): $12 - 50GPD membrane by Filmtec (1.8 x 12): $45 - Opener: $6 - Euro-style faucet (Chrome finished): $45 - Storage tank (4.5 Gal.): $45 I also sell R.O. system (6-stages), Made in the USA & NSF approved. Price is $225 (tax included, installation separate) Why waste time and money buying bottled water or vending water? With today's advanced technology in reverse osmosis filtration, a 6-stage R.O. system provides the same quality, and in some cases better than bottled water or from water stores at a fraction of the cost, and in the convenience of your home. We use a 6-stage R.O. system at our house and the water is great tasting and delicious for drinking, cooking, making coffee, etc... Cost Saving: For example, if you use 5 gallons a day at 25 cents per gallon, it would cost you about $40 a month, and that is $480 a year. However, with the 6-stage R.O. system, it costs you as little as 3 cents per gallon. A SAVING of 22 cents per gallon of water used. (The price for this 6-stage R.O. system is cheaper than a 4 and 5-stage systems selling at local Home Improvement stores) If you are currently having a 4-stage system and not liking the taste, a 6-stage R.O. system provides a much better taste and quality. Because I have little or no overhead cost, I can pass the saving on to you. All sell and service is guarantee for 6 months. Please text or call (480) 567-8107, Daniel. If I don't answer your call, which means I am busy. Just leave a short message, and I will call you back as soon as possible. Reliable - Honest - Trust Worthy - Fair - Reputable Thank you for your business!
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