21st Century Problems Require 21st Century Solutions

(Cape Coral, FL)
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Does your computer have malware or some type of spyware? Are you plagued with slow programs running in the background without your authorization or knowledge? Here at Computer Speed Shop (CSS) our on-site & remote tech support will aid in solving your issues and make sure your computer is running like new again. Customer needs and satisfaction are of the utmost importance at CSS. We can also assist you in purchasing the right technology for your home or small business. With 15+ years of experience, first at Circuit City and then at Staples, I am able to understand your needs and give you top-of-the-line computer support and efficient customer service with a smile. My passion for computers is so strong that I will not stop until I have your various issues resolved. CSS is looking to help you in this 21st Century of technology. Today's economy is not like it used to be, so we are here to help the clients and make sure that they are getting cost-effective assistance. Our primary goal is meeting or surpassing the unique needs of our users by providing top-quality at amazingly low rates. We can streamline your business to help you maximize your productivity, while giving you the 21st Century resources that today's businesses require. Below are some of the reasonable available specialty services which we offer: Virus and/or Spyware Removal to Improve Internet Security Remote or On-Site Support, Depending on your Needs Set Up of New Computers and/or Wireless Networks Various General Computer Repair Services We can do on-site service in the Ft. Myers, FL region or we have the ability to activate remote access to anywhere in the US to diagnose what is causing your technological concerns. You will not be disappointed with our quality work and with our practical rates. In fact, we beat all of The Geek Squad's prices! Our website http://www.computerspeedshop.com YouTube: http://youtu.be/-Yr5ai7_22g
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