Wanted: Info/Pictures of Gill/Kauffman Family

(Richfield, PA)
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Hello, I am searching for information and pictures of my family. My great grandmother was Vina E Kauffman (Gill). She was the daughter of "Preacher" Gill and lived in Mc Clure from her birth until she was shot and killed in the early 1930's. I am also searching for her burial site. Her death certificate says it is the Mc Clure cemetary but they have no record of her burial there. My grandmother was only a baby when her mother was killed and did not have much info growing up. My family and I have been searching for awhile now but haven't had much luck thus far. I'd like to try to find some pictures of Vina and/or her family members and possibly her resting place in time for Chirstmas as I know my mom would be thrilled! Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Call 717-320-3120
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