Children's Birthday Charaacters available for Parties

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Santa & Mrs. Claus for all your Christmas Needs The Easter Bunny PIRATE PARTIES Book Pirate Captain for your Childs Pirate Birthday Party or Special Event. Our Pirate Captain can show up in the Captain Blackbeard or Captain HOOK or Morgan look. We also offer Never-land Themed Captain Hook & Peter Pan/ Jake parties, complete with a sword fight. Just let us know if you desire a certain look. Our Pirate Captain will entertain your motley crew of Party Guest with Sea Stories from the 7 Sea's , a interactive Treasure Hunt for the key to his Chest of Pirate Loot which starts with a Treasure Map addressed to the birthday child complete with a Skull Wax Seal. They search from Pirate Prop to Pirate Prop until they find the hidden skeliton key that opens the chest of worldly gold, silver and jewels. Followed by singing Pirate Songs and Happy Birthday. Our Motley Crew is sure to make your little Pirate Crew smile and be the hit of the party. Pirate Music CD provided and Pirate stickers and tattoo's available if we have them in stock. Alex d' Lion back from Madagascar Book your Child's Favorite Lion, Alex and laugh as they dance and sing to "U got 2 Move IT , Move IT" . The children can help Alex search for those pesky penguins Skipper , Kowalski , Private and Rico. Mick & Minni Your Favorite Mouse Your Favorite Mice are available for bookings. Mick in his Blue Birthday Suit or his Tuxedo Jacket for your child's celebration, Wizard Mick or Pirate Mick or Sporty Mick for athletic events and Parties. During Christmas Santa Mick is available for Children's Birthday and Christmas Parties. During the Summer Party Season book your Uncle Sam Mick. Karate Panda Book your Favorite Round House Kicking Panda for your child's Birthday Party. Panda can Sing and dance with the children's help to Kung Fu Fighters. He is sure to put a smile on your little ones face Secret Agent "P" Ur Favorite Teal Platypus Perry d' Platypus is available for photos, singing and dancing with the party guest. The children can help him defeat the EVIL Mad Scientist Summer Special for the Spring Perry d' Platypus for 30 minutes for $100 Scooby Doo That troublesome Great Dane is available for Partys and Fund Raisers The MADD Hatter from Alice and Wonderland We have the Madd Hatter, White Rabbit and Alice available for Wonderland Themed Parties, Care to try dancing the Futterwacken or having our special guest at your Tea Party Floppy the Birthday Party Rabbit Book the adorable Floppy for your Youngster's Party Patrick the Starfish is available now and Sponge Bob starting July 1, 2013 Toy Story's Jessie and Woody for your Cowboy Party Check back often for additional Characters and please make suggestions or Email with party details for prices SCHOOL's OUT SUMMER SPECIALS 30 Minute Meet and Greet Party 1 character $175 1 Hr Party 1 Character $225 and face painting (up to 15 children) We do not offer any licensed costumed characters from TV or movies. It is not our intention to violate any copyright laws. The characters that we offer are NOT name brand copyrighted characters, and are named of our own creation. Any resemblance to nationally known copyrighted characters is strictly incidental. If you have any questions regarding this issue, we encourage you to contact us. In addition, we will only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we DO NOT represent any licensed characters from TV or movies.
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