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2 Men 2 Hours 129.99 On Moving Day Pro Movers 2 Men 2 Hours 129.99 Additional Hours for both men at a rate of 50/hr Add 59.00 in Hillsborough County and use our trailer 300.00 Door to Door (3 men) ALL DAY Moving Move Movers Company (Loading Unloading Move Help Short Notice) Our Most Commonly Used Services are as follows....... Hourly Service ​We offer 2 men for 2 hours $129.99 each additional hour @ 50/hr. We also offer a 3 men 2 hours for the price of $169.99 and ea additional hour @ 70/hr. 2 men 2 hours 129.99 All fees included 3 men 2 hours 169.99 All fees included Flat Rate Load / Unload We also offer a flat rate for our moving customers coming in from out of town an unload only is 220.00. Or to our customers who have rented a truck and need it loaded to head out of state a load only is also only 220.00. For Local Moves we offer a flat rate of 300.00 this price is for 3 men for a max of 6 hours within a 75 mile radius of tampa. 300.00 Door to Door (3 men) completes your move , if you would like additional information you can contact us anytime for we are an on call moving service. 24 Hour Receptionists Means no more leaving messages and waiting for a call back !! We answer all calls. Our services are like no other.!! Often Imitated , Never Duplicated. 813-802-6729
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