KDX 200

$1,500(Fairfield, IA)
Listing has expired on: 5-Mar-2013
Fully restored 1984 Kawasaki KDX 200. I purchased this motorcycle five years ago from the orignal owner who bought the bike new in 1984. He basically rode it right into the ground, then parked it in a barn an left it to rot for several years. In the five years that I have owned the bike I have spent several hours and weekends restoring her to her original glory. When I started the restoration process I found that several pieces of the motorcycle had been stripped off or missing. The suspension system was trashed, piston and cylinder had been blown up and destroyed, front and rear brakes were locked up, rusted rear fender, was missing front headlight assembly and wiring were missing, seat had ben taped up and chewed away by mice, the list goes on an on. Parts replaced are, Rear shock and linkage, gas pressure in shock is set for 200 pound rider. New decals all original from Kawasaki, New kill switch New clutch cable, Piston and rings original from Kawasaki, Newer cylinder, Head gasket and base gasket new from Kawasaki, trip meter,headlight lens light bulb, Headlight front plastic cover and wiring have all been replaced. New front fork seals and fork oil, Newer rear stock fender, rider seat remanufactured, new UNI air filter, new needle and seat in carburator, exhaust copper seal gasket, exhaust two stage o rings, new exhaust springs and exhaust silencer packing replaced all new from Kawasaki. New front brake lever and shift lever from Parts Unlimited The Carb jetting is all set to stock specs. Bike looks beautiful and runs amazing. This KDX is a blast to ride and is very fast. IF you have any questions please call 319-431-7138 Thanks Casey
41.01255; -91.9554 41.01255 -91.9554