Exp Bagel/Flagel Baker-Cook In Need Of F/T

(Brooklyn, NY)
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Hi my name is Tony 45 Yrs Old , Im An Experienced Bagel/Flagel Baker-Cook/Grill I speak fluent English im White Puerterican/American Currently Employed P/T Doing Deli/Counter/Cooking For A SuperMarket (BayRidge) Its Just Not Enough Hrs Or Consistency Perfer To Work Closings, But Will Alternate From Time To Time (Depends On Schedule) Or Fill -In For Someone Thats Out I Have Over 20 yrs Experience In The Business By Profession Im A Bagel/Flagel Baker And Cook I Know Old School Ovens And Rack Ovens I Also Seed Bagels/Flagels And Bake Bread Im Also Experienced In Fresh Pastas/Cheeses I Also Work Rotissere-Fryers-Grill Cooking..... Breakfast, Lunches, Burgers, Fries, Philly Cheese Steak, Eggs , PanCakes All types of Grilled Vegetables,Sandwiches,Paninis,Wraps, basically anything...... Can Also Do Vegeterian Menus And Any Special Diet Request Also Maintained Clean KitchenArea-Counters-Grill-Rotisserie-Fryers-Pots/Pan-Dishes Have Worked Different Venus Assisted Head Chef -Set-Up Prep -Cook (Catering) Some Of The Places Ive Worked Brothers/Top Tomato/Pastozas Have Worked Register and Lotto (When Needed To) Have Managed/Worked Bagel/Deli's Stores Used to working VERY FAST PACE ENVIROMENT!!! Looking To Work F/T Perfer Closings 6/7 Days Also Weekends Looking For 8 -10 Hrs A SHIFT Do Not Contact me If Yr Looking For A Partner/Or Setting Up A Business (Not Interested) Rate Negotiable Paid Cash Only Only Serious Offers Of Employment!!! NO TEXTS!!! If Interested I Can Be Reached Thru 347-572-5534 -Thank-U Tony
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