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(Bronx, NY)
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Do you have a date in Bronx Criminal Summons Court? If so, then it is highly advisable to attend your court date with an experienced criminal lawyer. Do not make the mistake of appearing without a lawyer, waiving important rights, and ending up with a criminal record. A criminal summons is an important matter, and can have a significant impact on employment, security clearances, military enrollment, immigration, license approval, professional certifications, and more. If you have a date in Bronx Criminal Court call Alexander Sanchez, an experienced criminal lawyer with over 30 years experience. Mr. Sanchez has handled thousands of criminal summons matters, and is prepared to handle your summons matter in a professional manner. Your rights will be protected with Mr. Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez is a graduate of one of the nation's finest law schools - Fordham Law School - and is called to appear on National News Shows regularly to discuss major legal issues. He has appeared on CNN News, HLN News, Court TV, Tru TV, Disorder in the Court, Bronx, News 12, CBS News, WPIX, and many other news outlets. Do not hesitate. Call Sanchez now. Office by Bronx Criminal Court. Alexander Sanchez, Esq. 860 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10451 718-665-0112
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