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HI, We are a group of friends that are looking for books for our charity movement. We donate books to students, Veterans, Shelters, Daycares and senior services to promote literacy and to also keep books from going into the trash. The type of books that we usually need are Health & wellness, Business, College/ High school textbooks, cookbooks, History, Reference, Music and art. Disclaimer: We c...
My granddaughter is currently in the NICU and will need this device when sent home
Wanted: Similac Sensitive baby formula. We are grateful to anyone who can provide this formula. Thanks so much.
3 hours ago Tucson, AZ Items Wanted
Desperate for a washing machine mine blew up last night. Also I need a mattress if possible Double. Mine was given to me but very stained and springs dig in so on sofa at moment. look at my post giving sofa away if anyone interested.
3 hours ago Tucson, AZ Items Wanted
Moved to a new house gas company never turned on the gas can t get them out into the middle of next week need space heaters to warm up until they can come turn the gas on it s freezing in here thank you and please
3 hours ago Tucson, AZ Items Wanted
Needed exercise hand grips.
3 hours ago Tucson, AZ Items Wanted
Simple cell phone Verizon
3 hours ago Tucson, AZ Items Wanted
Call/Text Beth 520-358-7447c I want to cover the dirt in my back yard and create a floor for my Ramada and storage shed. Do you you have any likely materials that you are freecycling?
3 hours ago Tucson, AZ Items Wanted
HELP! People have been abandoning their cats in this mobile home park. Liz has been socializing a F Kitten (Harlequin) & M Kitten who needs to be captured for surgery on Thur. She has also cared for orange & white Buddy who was attacked by coyote. Sparkle is loved by all the kids. They all want Indoor Homes again. The Kittens Momma is a slightly Feral Tabby who has so far eluded capture, as has...
Hi, I just moved to town and need some newborn girl clothes I am expecting next month don't have any clothes for my baby I staying with my mom because I left a bad relationship and all I could take was small bag on the bus with me any help would be appreciated.
In desperate need of a couple dressers. If anyone has any they are no longer using we could sure use them. Thank you for your consideration.
I'm looking for a used wooden drafting or art table I can do homework and artwork on. I'm disabled and in a lot of pain and would need someone to deliver it my apartment.
It's a long shot, but I'm looking for cook's illustrated all time best grilling recipes from 2012. Thanks.
Local artist needs any paint, can be acrylic or craft paint,any canvases (even used) school glue, brushes.. I use a lot of mediums so can use just about any art supplies. Thanks for the consideration!
Need kiln for firing small to medium vessels. Thanks!
Old Keyboard just broke. Interested in any keyboard or piano, would prefer one that has 5 octaves or more.
My granddaughter is currently in the NICU and will need this device when discharged home
Hi, I am looking for a large size rice cooker. I have a small one,but a large rice cooker would be very helpful! If anyone have any extra large rice cooker in fully working condition , please let me know. Thank you
Hi! I'm looking for some Lincoln Logs. Thanks!
I'm learning from Ebay and other sources that current nomenclature is "vintage" electronics. Time was (and by that, I mean the '70s and '80s) that many, if not most clock radios for bedroom use were low and rectangular, with a flat space on top that was used for a speaker that dwarfed the electronics. All or most of the controls are on the front and side, along with a digital clock/alarm displa...
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