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I'm looking for any craft supplies, paint, paintbrushes, paper, ribbons, tulle, plywood, baskets, stamps, yarn etc.
I am looking for a baby swing in good condition. I just met a sweet mama who could really use this for her little boy. Thanks for looking!
Looking for old wooden pencils. Sharpened, unsharpened--it doesn't matter. Thank you.
Fall carpentry projects begin! Anyone have an extra crowbar I can have?
I am trying to help a family of 6 they would like to save on their electric bill by burning wood this year with a family dad is working all the time trying to make ends meet I can come get the wood but it must be under 6 ft so it will fit in my truck thanks for all the help u can give to make it quicker you can call me at 864-256-5301
Need an alto sax for granddaughter who just entered intermediate school. Thank you.
Looking for kids coats,boys & girls , size 8
Does anyone have an old globe I can have? My daughter is starting to ask me where different places are. Thanks!
Need some empty plastic buckets
Looking for a microwave in decent shape
Trying to teach myself guitar repair
Looking for old school projector, the type schools used to use to project lessons onto the blackboard before copiers came into use. (Resembled a box that had a glass top. The box would b placed atop a desk in the front of the classroom. Page would be placed on the glass, light would be flipped on and lesson that was on the page would be reflected much larger on the blackboard for the entire cla...
2 hours ago Ellis, KS Items Wanted
chest type freezer 9cu ft good running condition
2 hours ago Ellis, KS Items Wanted
chest type freezer 9cu ft good running condition
ISO 2 - 4 KSU vs OU tickets. Reply back from post. TY.
Wanting to buy a set of nerf bars that will fit a 92 GMC extended cab 4x4. Chrome or black. Text me if you have some you want to get rid of.
I am Trying to Contact Shaun Derby. Shaun can you contact me about the parts I purchased from you? Does anyone have an address for Shaun Derby or his new phone number of a good email? Shaun is not responding to any of the contact numbers or the email address I have for him. Thank You.
Looking for a couple parts for a '71 Scorpion Stinger: *Clutch side steering spindle. *Tin fan shroud that goes over the cylinder head and cylinder of a Sachs SA290 (293). *13:32 #40 gearing and chain. Would trade for my 21:38 440 gearing if you're interested, or will buy outright. Thanks! -Marc.
Looking for clay pots, hanging pots, black plastic pots, decorated pots of all sizes and variations. My truck just broke down yesterday so id need them to be delivered if possible. My general location is Off of Chickasaw Tr between Lake Underhill and Curryford Rd. My son and Step daughter have decided they want to give flowers to.their loved ones for Christmas. I've already started said plants,...
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