New Blue/Green Huck Shop Towels Lint free Colorfast Excellent absorbency. Soft and durable Non-abrasive Hemmed on all 4 sides. Size is 13" x 13" - 17" x 17" Absorbs better and better with each washing, just like your favorite jeans. Great for: Plumbers HVAC Mechanics Food Service Window Cleaners Janitorial services. Car Washes/Detailers Restaurants Gyms Marinas Veterinary Hotels/Motels Tann...
We have a selection of branded mats with logos that have been taken out of rental service. These are high quality, expensive when new ($100 and up), and have years of use left in them. All of our mats are nice and clean, not all are perfect. Each mat might have a small hole, slit, or wear mark in them. These are Grade A+ to B+ mats. Most look like they have never been used, with zero holes or ...
Pledge DRK 94430 Furniture Polish Opaque Lemon 17.70 oz Aerosol Can Contains no CFCs Institutional formula Pledge is ideal for the heavy traffic in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings Pledge adds a like new sheen to cabinets, paneling, baseboards, vinyl and leather, as well as all fine wood furniture Pledge not only moisturizes wood, but its crisp, clean scent makes it a pleasu...
3M Doodlebug Handblock Pad Holder with Pads Kit 6473 2 Kits Available Convenient built-in handle puts cleaning versatility in the palm of your hand. Unique hook and loop bottom holds 3M Doodlebug pads, sponges and brushes without the use of adhesives or fasteners. Comfort-shaped handle enhances scrubbing power Handblock's bottom hook surface attaches to loops on 3MTM DoodlebugTM Pads and Brush...
3M Scotch-Brite Light Duty Cleaning Pad , 6-Inch by 9-Inch - 20 count Premier light duty cleansing pad with soft, non-woven fibers and mild abrasive to gently, but thoroughly clean most surfaces Use on stainless steel, chrome, copper, porcelain, and ceramic Mineral abrasive type Synthetic fiber material 6" x 9" 2 cases available Brand Name 3M Color White Item Weight 2.94 pounds Number of Items...
All hand made and upcycled vintage pieces of barn wood found in the Princeton, Il. Area. (All pics/prices vary from $10.00 to $20.00-tell me what item that your interested in and in will give you the price) Various sizes. Mail basket/barnwood mail sorter rack. Old vintage wood and brass door knobs converted into a apron/coat rack. Vintage wooden cigar boxes attached to barn wood with wood an...
All antique vintage mason jars available. Asking $10.00 or less. Tell me which one that your interested in and I will give you the price.... Various sizes. All contain various things/items Blue ball aqua pin cushion with sewing items to sea shells to clothes pins to vintage buttons. I have more than shown in pics. Ball, Atlas,Lighting,Drey and a few other brands of vintage mason jars. E...
I'm located in the Naperville/Aurora area.. Message board/cork board/caulk board all new and assembled by crafter. Included note pads, pen set and caulk. Asking 10.00 Comedy Central Wall clock. In working condition. $5.00 Tall vase in sage green. It has a floral pattern print. Asking $5.00. Glass vintage decanter in perfect condition. Asking $10.00 firm the 2/both. German plates. The...
Vintage Chicago Cubs framed large pictures. Harry Carey Memorial Tribute souvenir pamphlet. It has (3) pictures of Wrigley Field taken in the 1980's. Cubs pendent Holy Cow! Chicago Cubs ... Vintage framed poster of the Cubs players from 1984... Reply back to me and I can give you prices . I'm located in the Naperville/Aurora area.
Hand sewn and hand made. Dolls cats- baby, Mommy and Daddy cats, Miss Piggy, Country Rag Dolls, bed dolls, thumb sucking baby dolls all types of dolls available. Vests, all different sizes and colors. Cat vests print vest to. Tell me what item(s) that your interested in and all give you prices. Prices range from $4.00 to $15.00. I'm located in the Naperville/Aurora area.
Yes, $5.00 for the whole set. Pink glass vintage milk bottle. Smaller pail wire Mason jars filled with coffee and rice. One has black beans with a pink flowered print top cloth. Slightly larger mason jar is filled with kitchen utensils. This jar has a pink flowered cloth pattern to match the pink milk bottle. Made by crafter. I'm located in the Naperville/Aurora area.
Need a gift for a baker? Decorative mason jars that are filled with metal cookie cutters.Made by crafter. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area. Prices range from $4.00 to $6.00
Asking $5.00 each. Buy (2) for $8.00. Rolling Rock Beer mason jar glasses. Each has fabric covering with a beer themed top. Vintage metal bottle openers inside. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area.
Dusty rose colored lamp measures 14" to lamp base to harp 26". In working condition. Two matching framed pictures of rose petal prints measures 16x16. Can use for girl's or ladies bedroom. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora. ASKING ONLY $3.00 FOR ALL.
Vintage Pickle mason jar that is filled with antique and vintage kitchen utensils. The jar has a Fabric cover with a yarn bow. The top of the jar has a vintage hot pad. Various kitchen utensils are inside of the mason jar. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora
Vintage and antique decorative decor pieces. Vintage jars and bottles-antique Atlas mason jar, Peter Pan jar with a price stamped on the lid, Nestea bottle ,vintage pepper shaker with a metal floral top and a old jar with a metal rusty patina lid. All unique. Various colored marbles are inside of each jar and bottle. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area. ...
Vintage Peter Pan Peanut butter jars. The jars contain various colored marbles. Jars measure 5.5". Asking $5.00 each. 3 Peter Pan Peanut butter jars are available. I'm Located Just South Of THE Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora Area.
Decorative decor Americana themed decor. Vintage jar and bottles. 3 piece set. Measures 9" -7.5". The Kerr Mason jar has red, white and blue vintage wooden spools of thread. The glass bottles have buttons inside of them. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area. Asking $10.00 for all.
Hand sewn and made dolls. Toddler doll that is hugging her baby doll. Both doll's have pacifiers and hair bows. Very cute and detailed. The dolls are seated on a rocking chair. Asking $12.00 for all 3 pieces. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area. I'm selling more dolls, just ask for pics.
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