Most new lotions eyeshadow foundation name brands too came from a family members auction lot Brand new toothpaste, make up brushes brand new, rooster crochet jar top, chap stick, whole lot $5
Who hates cellulite? Everyone right? Our Cellulite Cream Gives Your Legs a Contoured Look simply by: Helps smooth the appearance of skin and improve the appearance of skin firmness Hydrates and utilizes leading edge optical technology to diffuse light instantly Helps skin look smoother while improving the appearance of the skin s surface This amazing cellulite cream works so fast when used twic...
I had a customer text me this morning asking what I had for mesquito bites!!! Made me think OH MY I ve posted so much about the amazing body butter to prevent them BUT what about those who ALREADY have them? I new she already had the awesome mudd mask!! Told her to use that It helps dry out the bite to make it heal and she messaged me back and was like OMGOSH I helped the itch too I love so muc...
This flex creme has been my life savor for migraines, along with my mom.... in fact her exact words were I would pay($1000 ) a bottle for that stuff! It also has helped my husband with back pain, my kids with growing pains etc. it s truly been a miracle cream for my family + one bottle lasted me 6 months but I have ran out so I wanted to throw this out there and share with you before I order mo...
With wedding & graduation season amongst us who couldn't use a brighter & whiter smile No peroxide OR bleach No sensitivity Safe for children ages 2+ Restores natural whiteness Removes stains from I m so excited to share this product with you! Drop an emoji below if you want me to send you more info! My first order goes in this week and I would LOVE for you to be a part of it!
Color: Pearl Used only 3 times. Price is firm Meets: Sat/Sun @10am CVS Potranco/Ellison
Brand new never used nor swatched
JILBER De Paris. Used about 4 or 5 times. Limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness. Works perfectly. Great condition. 9/10
TRUBeauty. Used 2 times. In perfect condition. 10/10. Rose gold. Still in box.
I have 2 of each $2.50 each
I have 2 of each $2.50 each
I have 1 of each $2.50 each
Two brand new Almay eyeshadow. Intense I-color smoky-I for blue eyes #402 Intense I-color shimmer-I for blue eyes #422
Price is each 3 available
Item posted in the Personal Hygiene category
Item posted in the Personal Hygiene category
Item posted in the Personal Hygiene category
Item posted in the Personal Hygiene category
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