GUC hutch, came with my rabbit, but I have new cages and don't need this any more
Bought from a rabbit show I have 4 available
Guinea pig($40 value) good home needed. I can t afford to take care of him at the moment. Comes with cage ($80 value) and what s left of his food, and the wood shavings to go in cage and a small amount of hay.
Hi, this is a difficult sale that i m having to make. I m selling my rabbit and along with her comes this large, wood, cage. We ve had her for about 3 years now, she is very friendly, fun and loves to be cuddled. Perfect for a family pet. We recently got a puppy so I don t have much time to balance them out between my work and school life. I feel like she s getting left behind and not getting t...
Dwarf Hamster Habitat MPN: 62612 A simple to put together habitat solution for your dwarf hamster, mouse, gerbil, etc. Gives countless hours of entertainment for your hamster Simple to keep clean The hamster habitat can be fully extended Fun home for your small animal
I'm selling a male guania pig, with a big cage that has wheels on the cage to push around your house. It has. It has a loft where he can climb up to the second floor. He comes with a food bowl, water bottle, a house he can lay in, a blue thing you put hay in. You put on the side of the cage. When you clean the cage the shavings won't stick to the bottom of the cage if you change the cage every ...
2 Cages, brand new ball, new food, brand new bedding, & cage accessories.
Item posted in the Accessories & Supplies category
one female grey!!! My kids just don't hold her anymore and makes me sad! Comes with an inside wire cage and hand made outdoor hutch. Comes with a feeder and a water bottle and a little box house
She is about 1 year old, she is a snow white guinea pig, loves to be with people, she loves "timmathy hay",she loves attention,she loves to run around,she is not mean and does not bite, gets along very well, loves vegetables, very nice, is super funny,she love just about anything
Two rabbit hutches, 1 with roof detached, plus 1 large pen (used to raise guinea hens
2 Bucks, 1 Doe. Partial pedigree with most of maternal information available.
Made jus for u we can even add the name
comes with a few things email me for more information contact me at rainierheather13@gmail.com
I am selling my tortoise color Mini Holland Lop rabbit. She use to be a show rabbit, but I unfortunately got out of FFA. I am looking for a good home for her. She is sweet and likes to adventure around. The starter kit will come with her medium size cage, water dispenser, food bowl, hay bowl, bag of food, Timothy hay, and 60 Liter of Tractor Supply Premium Pine Bedding. Please text me if you ar...
We have Peruvian baby Piggys also known as Longhaired Cavy's... cost 50 to 60 for babys , Our cavy's are held daily and very well socialized . For Most current Piggys available PLEASE go to my Website i keep it update daily!! www.jnjpugsnpaps.com We breed various types of guinea pigs Many of Our parents are pedigreed we sell as pets. We never inbred and have great lines. call and ask what we ha...
We have a solid black tamed rabbit, He is about 9 months old and he is kid friendly. He comes to the call of his name and he is a very good rabbit. He comes with a cage, food, litter, hay, He also comes with a harness and a leash . He can be walked outside and around your yard. We would love to keep him but we don't really have time to provide him with the affection and attention he needs. His ...
Flemish giant rabbit in need of a good home. She is a very sweet rabbit and also very submissive. She needs somebody who will play with her and let her run around and give her attention. Ad number: #349535730 Contact: Amarissa Phone: 6083770565 City: San Tan Valley Zip: 85143 Price: $50
I have two male guinea pigs that I m looking to rehome. They come with a cage, a hide house, water bottle, and a hay holder. The white one is Norman and the brown one is Harold. They re both very, very sweet. They don t bite and they re acclimated to each other. They re both 6 months old.
Glass aquarium, wheel, water bottle, food dish, igloo home, hamster food, paper bedding, 7" exercise ball. All items bought brand new 6 months ago. Price listed is less than half what we paid for all items. All you need to have a pet hamster!
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