Blondie is a 3yr old female who is bonded to her sister Lola. Blondie is so inquisitive and very interested in all going on around her!
Kovu is the cutest thing!!!! So calm and loving, and loves other rabbits. He is such s nice boy!!
Britt is a quiet and shy lady who would do best in a home with no small kids . She is so wonderful and clean! Loves to flop and relax! Very chill!
Honey is a wonderful quiet girl and is a devoted wife to Og. She is very clean and a very happy little girl!
Little Sandy is 1 of Blitzen s wives and has the prettiest black nose! She is the more adventurous of the trio and pretty curious!
Blitzen is a shy guy but a happy one: he s got 2 wives!!! Sisters Lola and Sandy are bonded to Blitzen and must be adopted as a bonded trio. He is so precious and his grey eyes match his fur!
Hoss is a shy quiet boy who lets his wife Sunny rule the roost. His favorite thing to do is put toys in his water bowl then get sad about it lol!
Lola is Sandy s sister and Blitzen s 2nd wife. She s the shiest of the 2 girls but Blitzen loves them both! Thank
Itsy is so fun and busy!!!! Seeks attention and always playing or doing something! This kid needs to lay off the caffeine!!! He loves to gives hugs and is just so fun and playful. Can be nippy at times, but not to hurt, just playful!
Babs is Cinnabun s wife And she thinks he hangs the moon. Very busy and playful girl! Favorite pastime is digging out her potty box for all the world to see lol!
Cin is a loving boy who adores his wife Babs. He is just so nice and cute!
Bander is Cheshire s husband and a real cutie!!!! They love to play and chase each other, then snuggle close. They are so wonderful to watch!!!
Cheshire is Bander s wife and a real cutie!!!! They love to play and chase each other, then snuggle close. They are so lovable to watch!!!
Og is Honey s loving husbun. He is so small and cute!!! Loves to jump up and sit on tables!!! Also loves to be held!
Cute Jack is such a love bug! He is so darling and loving and loves to play with his toys.
Precious Truffle is a joy to watch!!! She s so playful and busy all the time!! Loves to be in a bed! She s a real ball of energy!!
Ms. Scarlett is the most precious girl. Very calm and loving and snuggly! She loves her husbun Kody and she s very quiet. Favorite pastime is digging out her potty box!
Kody is Scarlett s husbun and such a big fluffy boy!!! He s so precious and kind and quiet. An old soul! Loves tossing his toys into his water bowl
Little Bo Peep seized by Hernando County Sheriffs Office along with 95 other animals. 48 rabbits confiscated in the 95 total. She came in emaciated, full of ear mites and bite wounds. Now she is safe in rescue where she can heal and get accustomed to indoor life with ample food, water, and space. Birthday: November 22, 2017 Weight: TBD
Buzz was confiscated by Hernando County Sheriff's Office along with 95 other animals. There were a total of 47 rabbits confiscated. He came in emaciated with mites and bite wounds. He was kept in a small cage with 6-7 other rabbits. Now he is safe in rescue where he is healing and getting used to living indoors with ample amounts of food, water, and space to hop around. He will be so happy when...
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