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We selling our female bearded dragons. Their around seven months old. They love to sit on you chest and walk around with you. They are very friendly. And they love their crickets. Comes with the aquarium and all the stuff inside. Asking 100
$160 obo...She is 1yr old, very friendly and docile and loves to be held. She comes with tank w/everything in it and 2 lights. Email for more pics. Tank dimensions are 36 long, 17 tall, and 19 deep.
Hypo red tail, female, friendly, looking to trade for a lizard (geckos preferable) She does not come with an enclosure.
Looking for a long and wide, not tall, terrarium for growing Sulcata tortoise.
well tamed Albino and piebald ball pythons looking for a new home.I have decided to give out my collection of ball pythons due to my reallocation.so i am looking for any reptile lover who will take very good care of the ball pythons so that i can give them for adoption .If interested just email me for more information .
TURTLE & TORTOISE RESCUE- Animals available for adoption to good outdoor homes. Desert, Russian & Sulkata Tortoises. Box & Water Turtles. Habitat, feeding, care & adoption info. 805-481-5222 .
Breed: Unknown-American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Gender: female Nickname: Turtle Age: 48 Years Posted Breed: Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat). Turtle is ready to give up her career as a back yard junk dog! It's time to start something new, and HOPE Rescue in Houston is ready to help her. Turtle has many skills that will make her new career as an adopted pooch a breeze! For example, she has ple...
Beautiful male redtail boa. Approx 2 years old, handled since birth. With or without cage, heat lamp, heat rock. $50 dollars for all. Must find a good home for him. Please email me any interest or questions. I can provide pictures. dchadbourne231@comcast.net
Might not end up selling a few of the snakes. Baby Female Spider Het Ball Python - $150 obo (not a year yet) Male Hypo Columbian Red Tail Boa - $200 obo 2.5 yr old male Het Generic Stripe Ball Python (almost 4 foot)- $250obo 15 tank. no lid. - $20 obo 15 tank. brand new. perfect shape. is a bit shorter/taller then other. - $50 obo 1 black light heat lamp - $20 obo 1 small heat lamp - $15 obo 1 ...
Two beautiful aquatic turtles . They come with nothing . Pick up only
Water bowl, hide, heat lamp (needs new light bulb), climb, gravel, leaves, an clips for tank and tank included for 150$ in glenolden delaware county pa 19036 pick up only please call or text 4848608824
Breed: Unknown-American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Gender: male Nickname: Frog Lionel Age: 48 Years 1 Month Posted Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier / Mixed (short coat).
Breed: Pekingese Gender: female Nickname: Turtle D180121 Age: 48 Years 1 Month Posted Breed: Pekingese (long coat). Adoption Fee: 300. Name: Turtle Age: 5 years Gender: Female Breed: Pekingese Weight: 10 lbs Dog friendly: Yes Cat friendly: TBD Kid friendly: TBD House Trained: In progress Crate Trained: Puppy pen trained :) Energy level: Moderate History: Breeder release Adoption Fee: $300 From ...
We have many wonderful pet snakes from Corns, to Milk, Kings, and more . We have had most but a few since Hatchling and raise for childrens pets are feed great and we carry everything you need for houseing call anytime and ask for prices. We buy from Legal ,Liscensed breeders not just and sell only once we have made sure they are ready to be a great pet. Stop in today
TARANTULAS!!! Super intresting pets & very misunderstood. Make great Starter pets easy to care for and live a long time. Many can be handled very easily and tame well, others are fasinating to watch with web making and burrowing. Our Tarantula's come with a Cage and Bedding and Care sheet,When Picked up in the shop. Just add crickets each week very inexpensive pet to keep just a few crickets ea...
I have a pied ball python and a normal ball python. The pied is Male and the norm is female. Super chill. Come with tank and accessories (heat pad,lamp,hide,water dish, and large bag of substrate) they are fed live mice. I work a lot so i can t spend the time I d like with them. For more information shoot me a message
6 Cuora aurocapitata, 1.1 Cuora mccordi, 0.1 Cuora zhoui 8 Cuora mouhotii If seriously interested in any, please email for more information: reptilesincaptivity@gmail.com
Babies range from 1-4 months. All are unsexed. Feeding on repashy CGD. Only have a few left. Thanks for looking! email or text for more info. Eoespawn1@gmail.com 5049124550
I'm looking for any free fish and snake equipment that is free. I got the tanks.
We have lovely female snakes, one is a het stripe and one a normal ball python. We are moving out of state soon and sadly can't take them with us...Have had them since a couple weeks old and are now about 3 feet long...They come with cage and lamps, basically their whole habitat....asking $250 since the het stripe is worth that and you get cage and other snake as well...
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