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Might not end up selling a few of the snakes. Baby Female Spider Het Ball Python - $150 obo (not a year yet) Male Hypo Columbian Red Tail Boa - $200 obo 2.5 yr old male Het Generic Stripe Ball Python (almost 4 foot)- $250obo 15 tank. no lid. - $20 obo 15 tank. brand new. perfect shape. is a bit shorter/taller then other. - $50 obo 1 black light heat lamp - $20 obo 1 small heat lamp - $15 obo 1 ...
I have a male and female ball python pair for purchase. Their cage and temperature regulator are included in this bundle, as well as a few frozen rats for food. I will not sell any of the items listed separately from one another. The male snake has a Pewter-Mystic gene combo and is ready for breeding if that's something you'd like; he sits at around 1300 grams. He has a good temperament and has...
Selling 1 male albino ball python that s four months old around 1 1/2 feet. I bought Chester at a Reptile Conevention in late September. He doesn t come with any take or accessories
Small ball python, tank, heating pad, and hides. He s all ready to go, just needs a home!! The snake alone is $150, I bought him from a breeder that I know personally. He eats a fuzzie F/T every other friday and loves being held. If you live close to me and want the entire package that would be awesome, but I can also sell the snake separately!
This was bought in November for a pet we no longer have. It will include: 40 gallon tank with locking screen top, Water dish, Hood lamp with brand new heat bulb (bought end of Jan, and UVB bulb, Hiding rock, Thermometer/hygrometer, Plenty of feeding pellets (almost full) for a bearded dragon, Calcium powder for feeder insects, Climbing rope. Spent $180 on Black Friday for only part of the items...
Comes with lamps, bulbs, bedding and screen. Also everything that s inside the tank. Asking $10obo
High yellow juveniles with complete setup
50 to 60 dollars pick him up today. Or obo. 191 st and 28ct, 33056 google map | yahoo map
Two beautiful aquatic turtles . They come with nothing . Pick up only
Water bowl, hide, heat lamp (needs new light bulb), climb, gravel, leaves, an clips for tank and tank included for 150$ in glenolden delaware county pa 19036 pick up only please call or text 4848608824
Item posted in the Accessories & Supplies category
Item posted in the Accessories & Supplies category
Item posted in the Accessories & Supplies category
Item posted in the Accessories & Supplies category
Breed: Unknown-American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Gender: male Nickname: Frog Lionel Age: 48 Years 1 Month Posted Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier / Mixed (short coat).
Breed: Pekingese Gender: female Nickname: Turtle D180121 Age: 48 Years 1 Month Posted Breed: Pekingese (long coat). Adoption Fee: 300. Name: Turtle Age: 5 years Gender: Female Breed: Pekingese Weight: 10 lbs Dog friendly: Yes Cat friendly: TBD Kid friendly: TBD House Trained: In progress Crate Trained: Puppy pen trained :) Energy level: Moderate History: Breeder release Adoption Fee: $300 From ...
BABY AXOLOTL We have all colors they are young 4" long to 9" 39.99 to $51.99 They are a must SEE! WE have the Wild Type, Albino + GFP GLOW in the Dark ones as well. Axolotl as the Mexican Walking Fish, though the Axolotl is not a fish but an amphibianAxolotls of various colours occur in captivity, including grey, shades of brown, leucistic (white with black eyes), golden albino, white albino, m...
Used for my bearded dragon he is now to big for it
EZ's Reptile Rescue is here for those who don't want or can't have Reptiles Venomous or Non-venomous. Over 3 decades ex. saving the unwanted we are a no-kill operation 951-260-9899 .
Downsizing Rep collection 1 Eye 2 Sunglo boas male and female $200 Awesome health and color, each, misc Rosies S Baja, Dome rock, bay of La, $75-100, hog nose $85. 951-260-9899 .
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