Half full container of juvenile bearded dragon food. Nothing wrong with it, my beardies just eat adult food now.
3 bottles never opened.
Reptile tank with light cover (heating bulb not included) includes all things in the pic (food for juvenile beardies and vitamin drops) used for a few months then my beardie outgrew it and he wasn't a fan of the food.
Summary: Breed - American Bulldog - Mixed Breed, Donation - N/A Seller Description: Shop frog is an approx 11 month old American Bulldog mix we think, ---- a true lovebug. A good samaritan saved him from a neglectful elderly owner. The owner was poor and could not properly care for Shop. Poor baby was tied up to a trailer where he was exposed to the element. Shop is such a forgiving boy. Thanks...
So many items. Tank, stand, accessories, bulbs and lamps, under tank heating pad, thermometer.
Miscellaneous supplies for pet lizard or snake or whatever animal you fancy really. Everything is several years old, so I'm not sure which jars have contents that are still useable. Pick up in Jones Creek or at Brazosport College only.
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She is approximately 16 months old and super sweet.
Brand New Light Not Included Great For a Large Lizard 160 watt Max Porcelain Socket 6 foot cord Switch on chord I bought at (Pets a Plenty) Ultimate Reptile Shop
BABY AXOLOTL We have all colors they are young 4" long to 9" 39.99 to $51.99 They are a must SEE! WE have the Wild Type, Albino + GFP GLOW in the Dark ones as well. Axolotl as the Mexican Walking Fish, though the Axolotl is not a fish but an amphibianAxolotls of various colours occur in captivity, including grey, shades of brown, leucistic (white with black eyes), golden albino, white albino, m...
We have many wonderful pet snakes from Corns, to Milk, Kings, and more . We have had most but a few since Hatchling and raise for childrens pets are feed great and we carry everything you need for houseing call anytime and ask for prices. We buy from Legal ,Liscensed breeders not just and sell only once we have made sure they are ready to be a great pet. Stop in today
Never Used. No longer need.
High yellow juveniles with complete setup
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Summary: Breed - Reptile, Price - $100 Seller Description: 2 Geckos for sale. We have had them over a year. They have never bitten us. Very sweet and interactive. They come with everything including 20 gallon tank with sand, cave, hiding log, heat lamp, heat pad, decorative rocks, feeding bowls, skull cave, water spray bottle, tank shelves, mealworm breeding container with mealworms, moss, and ...
Female ball python Birthdate- 6/11/2014 She's very sweet and docile. Never had issues with her being aggressive. Just don t have the time to give her the attention she needs and deserves Comes with: 40 Gal Tank with metal stand, Fogger, digital temperature gauge, fake plants, water bowl, tree cave, rock cave. Does come with a plastic container that we feed her. Can send more pictures. Serious i...
Great condition and comes with bulbs
Does not come with bulb
Does not come with bulb
About 5 yrs old, friendly
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