High yellow juveniles with complete setup
Full reptile aquarium setup. Including a dual heat lamp and transfer box. Will also include thermometer, water and food bowls and accessories such as climbing rock, dinosaur head and faux foliage. I do have one half bag of mulch as well. We bought this brand new and didn't even get a chance to use. Everything BRAND NEW, right out of the box. We bought for over $100 @ petsmart. Asking half of that
EZ's Reptile Rescue is here for those who don't want or can't have Reptiles Venomous or Non-venomous. Over 3 decades ex. saving the unwanted we are a no-kill operation 951-260-9899 .
Has everything needed inside. Tank, uvb light, food/water dish, calcium dish, hides, plants.
Beardies. Starting at 50. Clear nails .
2yr old Kingsnake. Not to friendly, sister went off to college and no one is really paying attention to him.
Huge cage prefect for lizard or snake. Has light fixture. Wooden stand.
19 in Total all different colors and about half leatherbacks. First come first choice.


4 slider turtles
Has everything needed. Tank, screened lid, proper light, hides and plants, food/water dish, calcium dish.


By popular demand from our customers, we have made our interpretation of a turtle. With the droopy eyes and side wing legs it makes this the costume with the action of a turtle. It follows the movements of your pet and the leg wings seem to float out on the sides like it was swimming or waddling down the path. Full fitting body suit keeps it comfortable and in place. This costume is hand washab...
100 gallon tank with heated lamp ($100) and 10 gallon tank for rats ($10) can be purchased with it.
Has everything needed. Terrarium, screened lid, hides and plants, food/water dish, heating pad, calcium dish. Everything needed.

2 geckos

2 geckos asking $20 each.
Bearded dragon , tank , stand and all accessories .
BABY AXOLOTL We have all colors they are young 4" long to 9" 39.99 to $51.99 They are a must SEE! WE have the Wild Type, Albino + GFP GLOW in the Dark ones as well. Axolotl as the Mexican Walking Fish, though the Axolotl is not a fish but an amphibianAxolotls of various colours occur in captivity, including grey, shades of brown, leucistic (white with black eyes), golden albino, white albino, m...
55 gallon aquarium, oak trim, holds water. Comes with free screen top.
Reptile cage, bag of dirt, green moss and some Spanish moss
12x16x48 with wooden stand
Comes with snake hide and branch. Has mesh lid and 2 lid locks. This is for reptiles, I m not sure if the tank holds water, I ve never tried.
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