Gorgeous male ivory ball python needs to be re-homed, we are moving. Comes with 40 gallon cage, water bowl, hide and log. His name is Ghost, and he's around 4 years old. Ghost is a true ivory python, not albino, as you can see from his black eyes (as opposed to red eyes). He will make a great breeder one day. Please call or text 214-402-9485, serious inquiries only. $250 firm, I paid almost $45...
Female ball python needs to be re-homed, we are moving. Comes with 40 gallon cage, water bowl, hide and log. Her name is Bonnie, and she's around 4 years old. She is very chill, and is used to being handled by humans. Please call or text 214-402-9485, serious inquiries only. $80 re-homing fee. Please check out my other listing for her brother, Clyde. Ad number: #352980141 Contact: Catherine Cit...
Will not separate
Rock is $5.00 heating tape is $10.00 heating pad is $15.00 each. $50.00 for all.
Sitting in my garage. Will sell separately. $60.00 for all.
Long ones that hold two bulbs are $15.00 each, big single one $10.00 small ones $5.00 each. $30.00 for all.
$50.00 for all. Will sell separately.
All new. First one is a day basking bulb, second one is for plant growth for reptile plants, third one is a day bulb, and fourth one is a night heating bulb. Will sell separately.
Does not have a lid. Its a size Xl
Brand new turtle food and a turle rock/filter. All together about $60.00
High yellow juveniles with complete setup
20-gallon long lizard/gecko terrarium. No lid. Bought from online group but was given one with a lid. $10 (what I paid). I also washed it. Gleneagle/Baptist or can meet at PF Chang s
We have many wonderful pet snakes from Corns, to Milk, Kings, and more . We have had most but a few since Hatchling and raise for childrens pets are feed great and we carry everything you need for houseing call anytime and ask for prices. We buy from Legal ,Liscensed breeders not just and sell only once we have made sure they are ready to be a great pet. Stop in today


I have a corn snake and a ball python they are both still about 3 feet and just babies. I want 50 for both I just want them gone. I don t have time for them. I am located in downs.
BABY AXOLOTL We have all colors they are young 4" long to 9" 39.99 to $51.99 They are a must SEE! WE have the Wild Type, Albino + GFP GLOW in the Dark ones as well. Axolotl as the Mexican Walking Fish, though the Axolotl is not a fish but an amphibianAxolotls of various colours occur in captivity, including grey, shades of brown, leucistic (white with black eyes), golden albino, white albino, m...
She comes with heat lamp and a under tank heating pad, hide, log and big big bag of bedding and water bowl. Ad number: #353517631 Contact: Thaddeus Phone: 3183999469 City: Shreveport, Louisiana Zip: 71107 Price: $150
These little guys rarely show their head above their bed of sand, but they are stunning....
Spruce is a 7 yr old male Ball python. He is easy to hold, friendly and calm. He is eating medium frozen rats. Adoption payment is 60. Spruce can come with his enclosure(40 gallon tank with heating pad) for additional 50 dollars Adoption applications can be found at www.furangelsas.com
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