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In search of a home comes with tank and heat pad light fixture broke today an cant have him in my apartment
2 year old Bearded Dragon with aquarium complete with reptile top, heating lamp with extra bulbs, carpet, food and water bowl, climbing rocks, cave, food and calcium.
Two leopard geckos (male and female - both sterile) who are healthy and are easily handled by people. If interested you must take the entire setup, 35.5x18x16 terrarium and decorations, smaller terrarium that holds the crickets for food, basking lights, and black wood stand that holds everything. They are very easy and inexpensive to care for. I have and can take any requested photos.
Breeding pair Russian tortoises. Comes with stand terranium lid light decorations food bowl. This female is approximately 40% larger than any Ive ever seen!
Beautiful milk snake very active and fun to handle would also be great for a first time snake owner comes with cage and light great deal for snake and everything need to sale asap have to many snakes at this time got this one in a trade would love to keep him but cant cash only no trades and texting is best but no emails plz for more info text or call
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Beautiful Honey Bee Ball python. ( Spider & Ghost Cross Morph ) 1 & 1/2. years old beautiful markings including a dot on her head. Very Healthy, eats mice or small rats. Temperament is amazing, she loves being held. Please text if your a serious buyer. Adam - 801-851-0503
503-714-1651 ... they are available and ready to go. they are about 3 years old and they are both healthy and have no issues. please contact with your phone number or text us: (503) 714-1651
503-714-1651 ... Almost yearling Sulcata Tortoise. 7.5-8inch Male Redfoot Tortoise Both very friendly and healthy. text us: (503) 714-1651
503-714-1651 ... adorable aldabra tortoise, she is healthy with a super clean shell and zero pyramiding. she feeds on greens and fruits, very friendly and will be wonderful for a tortoise lover text us: (503) 714-1651
503-714-1651 ... Four Pairs Aldabra tortoises (Geochelone gigantea), Four pairs African spurred tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) and three pairs Radiata tortoises (Geochelone radiata) that are about 26 -to- 29"inches in length and weigh from 105 to 240 pounds. very healthy and home raised. Females are 100 percent proven breeder.They all get along with each other. They are beauties!! contact us for...
503-714-1651 ... Perfect stunning example of a radiated tortoise. He measures 12" inches long and weighs about 35lbs. Very active and always on the go!!! Feeds great on fresh veggies and fruits with Mazuri Tortoise diet, also Bermuda and coastal green hay is always provided with calcium and vit. Supplements. Text : (503) 714-1651 for more infos.
Four pairs sulcata and five pairs aldabra tortoises for sale that are about 26 -to- 29"inches in length and weigh from 105 to 240 pounds. very healthy and home raised. Females are 100 percent proven breeder.They all get along with each other. They are beauties!! contact us for more details and you can also text us directly via:
Very nice custom made tortoise or reticle enclosure . Holds good humidity and comes with a metal stand. Measures 5 feet long , 3 feet high and 2 feet wide .
Amazing sulcata and red foot baby tortoises for sale ! We moved and have no place to put our babies ! Comes with everything . They are fun sweet natured tortoises Call naomi 801 6046069
Ive had my baby bearded dragon for about two months now and I just do not have time for him. I do feel terrible, I would like to find him a new home where hell get plenty of attention that he needs. Hes a great lizard, very nice! I have all kinds of stuff for him. Ive put a lot of money into all of his stuff to make him comfortable, I even took him to the vet to make sure he was healthy (which ...
We breed the following tortoise breeds at our state of the art farm. Aldabra, sulcata, radiated, Hermann, Russian tortoise and other tortoise breeds available if you need any further information please don't hesitate to contact me with the name of the breed directly via (lvshun1990@yahoo.com) for more details
Super Dalmatian Adult Female Crested Gecko 2-3 yrs old. Quickest response through text message.
Adult Female Crested Gecko 2-3yrs old. Downsizing collection. Fastest response is through texted message.
Adult Female Crested Gecko 2-3 yrs old. Downsizing collection. Quickest response through text.