I have Japanese Koi fishs for sale... they are all very nicely size from: 3 inches to 14+ inches =)) $9/each to $65/each ((*_*)) GinRin Kohaku, Showa, Bekko, Kohaku, Goshiki, Hikari, Kawarimono, Goromo, Kujaku, Kumonryu, Platinum Ogon, Orenju Ogon, Sanke, Tancho Sanke, Yamabuki Ogon, Utsuri ((*_*)) We have oxygen and plastic bags for transportation. KEVIN (408) 931 - 5915 or 2826 yreka ave s...

Koy fish

Koy fish 12 of them 6 to 12” in length 65.00 a piece
I have a 125 gallon fish tank for sale of rocks filter light and hood
Complete setup includes whisper filter, overhead light in cover, live and artificial plants, rocks, shells, and sunken ship. The beta fish is around a year old. The filter needs replaced monthly.
$15 for the 10gal abd $65 for 55Gal tanks no cracks no leaks
Filter, net and algae control liquid and tablets
Small and large hollow log house Rep-cal calcium powder Zillo calcium supplement spray Thermostat Both calciums maybe used once or twice. Cross-posted. No holds.
100 gal tank comes with wood base, one double Bio Whisper filter, two hood light fixtures, approx 50lbs Riverstone gravel, several pieces of tank decor and backdrop film that is reversible.
Free - 29 gallon aquarium with wooden stand, all accessories plus one plecostomus. Resealing suggested as some calcification noted.

Fish tankl

Moving and won t have space for this fish tank. Nor will I have time to maintain it if I was to get fish. Selling for $140. Pick up in clute. FCFS THANK YOU
I used this box with pet such crab
Have you always wanted a koi pond? Or do you already have koi and space for 5 new friends? We are selling our mature koi and goldfish, pond filter/heater, pond treatment supplies and fish food. The three koi are 11-12" long and the two goldfish are 6-10" long. They are healthy and have been alive for nearly a decade. You can also have the repaired horse trough and fake pond plants if you want t...
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ngel fish

Healthy angel fish

Fish tank

Selling my 15 gal? fish tank an all the accessories that are in the picture for the fish tank asking $75
Set of 5, all new. Price firm
Set of 5, all new
56g aquarium tops light filter bubbler and heater included upgraded and no longed needed in good shape no leaks. Stand has glass door. 5732412350
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